Sunday, January 15, 2006


There are only 28 days in February!

Dear ALL,

The 5 months have been great, I'd like to think of what we've done at 30day artist in the past month as '30dayartist BETA'.

We are going to use the month of February, to redesign the website, both in terms of functionality and content. And maybe it will be more easy on the eye too.

30day artist, started out as a challenge, a rite of passage, so one man could confidantly call himself an artist.

It is still a challenge, but it's more, 30 day artist is becoming an international community of artist and art lovers.

Welcome abord the ride.

Please tell us what you love, or hate, or why you keep coming back. Or why you won't. Your feedback is integrl part of 30 day artist.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


hello, everyone. it's been awhile.

i just realized the bloglet newsletter wasn't workin.
i've fixed that. and also surprised to see that we
have atleast 30 subscriber.

as for the update to everyone who hasn't been here
recently, 30day artist has divided into 2 sites.

-the main blog of the featured month artist.
-currently its artist no.5
-anyone interested to be the following month artist, there's
a form to be filled there.

2. - the free art discussion blog.

and to those who have been askin of artistcrisis.blogspot status,
i'm actually in arrangement-mentally to start a new one.

and as for "Ashingtray-Graphic Novel", i'm still doin it.
but its no longer merely a graphic novel.

till then,



Monday, January 02, 2006

January 2006

Featuring PerngFey

This month, We feature an established Malaysian artist in 30dayartist for the first time!

Take a peek into the life of a fulltime artist. There will be both joys and struggles in this one.