Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i love the sleepy mode kl is in now, despite the burning sun, i feel so chill. Even the dj on radio sound so calm.

the city is quiet, guess most are still not back from holiday. Headin home now.

is it damn bloody hot today or it's just that i haven't been out for so long?

watching 'in the loop' reminds how i used to be an angry-jerk when i'm stoned-drunk. (or even when i'm not)

is my updates showing in the FB news feed?

'Julia' starring Tilda Swinton, script is pretty good. The breath taking sequences subtlety change the character without you realizing.

It's not great. But these days in movies, you hardly see such character change such smoothly.

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i like the pictures taken from my books, at this site:

those girls i once thought was hot, doesn't look that hot to me now. I wonder does it work the other way around of me to them.

the problem with commission jobs is that i can't seem to illustrate confidently the style that i am which i feared that nobody likes.

the time that i've feared have come;since i was a child,most shows that i've watched, the protagonist were adult-examples to me. Just saw Rachel turned 30 in Friends.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

do you think there could be something really wrong with me; that i'm takin a pic of i making waffles at 3am?

i've been avoiding by all means with clicking randomly at the web, but-Sigh-i gotto eventually get back to writting children show. Double sigh...

cliche cliche cliche cliche. Life is so cliche!

i'm hungry again, still dunno what to eat. (eat shit lar you!) *gasp* sorry...

corny corny corny corny. Life is so corny!

boring boring boring boring. Life is so boring!

i'll be 29 and my day-job contractends this March. I either make it or breakit. Got 1-year time to make something for myself before hitting 30.

sometimes i suck the oxygen outta people.

Monday, February 08, 2010

i'm hungry but i dunno what to eat. Feddup of carb, meat, sweet, mee and oily stuff. What's else are there for humankind at this hour?

after watching 'Julie and Julia' make me feel like cooking.

BLOOD: the last vampire, feels like a movie with budget but directed by B-grade film director.

it's difficult to read 'lynch on lynch' when you haven't watch all his movies. Shall go and watch Inland Empire now.

'eraserhead' what a slow but disturbing movie. Like a never ending nightmare.

setting posterous back to facebook stream.

the music we recorded yesterday reflected our age.

Download now or listen on posterous
Sound clip 10.wav (1292 KB)

I've been jamming with andy as 'airtight noise' since we were kids, dreaming of to become rock stars: inspired by the crazy-energize performance of Nirvana and the experimental-noise feedbacks of sonic youth. It's been 3 years since we last touched our instruments and recorded anything on our mono-cassette walkman, busied by the excuse of our endeavors in life to survive.

Still mesmerized by Mono's live performance @KLpac last week, the memories of electricfying-sensation feeling we get whenever we performed live on stage, have been clinging on us. yesterday, right after church, we sped back to my house, jumped into the studio, improvised and recorded something. we have always dreamt to have our own jamming studio and to record whenever we want. But when we finally got one, we just didn't, just like life; you don't seem to appreciate the things you have as much the things you don't have.

As we listened to the 1-hour recording that we made using Andy's carefully laptop setup; dual mic stereo-amplified input recorder, on my room's 5.1 surround system, it created a very lively-cinematic listening experience.

i pictured an old dying-melancholia-tired dog strolling down the streets of an after-war. Dirty but sad.

With our newly found knowledge-experience of life and technology, Andy and i might just consider returning back to our alter-ego and rocking on stage again as Airtight Noise.

We just might.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

stuff needed to buy:key-wallet, wallet, jeans, plain tees, shoes. Bought:nothing. Sigh. Think gonna give this online shop a try.

as i tweet with my phone, not looking and walk into the toilet, i suddenly realized the gent's peeing bowl was missing. gasp! she might've thought i was taking pictures. Running now.

damn. All this tweeting feels like having a rebound relationship while walking the mall. #*@ this! Headin home to read David Lynch biography.

now here's something worth asking the nice lady at Borders to open up.

tempted to spend my CNY cloth budget on this instead...arghh but i've been recycling my cloths for 2 years now..@&#* economy!

argh! What the @%#* you guys doin to wolverine?!?

walking into NewBALANCE shop felt like walking into a showroom of little spaceships.

do you ever feel hungry but realized there's nothing worth eating? BAH! Eat books!

watch out Starbucks, San Francisco might have better coffee than you.

don't think i'm gonna buy any CNY cloths this year. Nothing worth buying really. Everything's so ewww...

La Vie En Rose is a very depressing movie with 'out-of-this-world' acting and breath taking camera works!