Saturday, June 12, 2010

Begins Day 2 at KLAB @ Annexe Gallery. Come quick! Only limited copies left of Love Letter and Invisible Bird; the new mini! See ya! (Don't forget beers and food if you are visiting)

430am. can't sleep. checking FB. goin back to sleep, hope can sleep. sigh.

ok-guys, so tired after the long day at KLAB. Have restock more books for tomorrow! Hope to see more of you tomorrow! I'll be dreaming of 'you'.

Day 1 at KLAB. Thanks to Ian for the beers! Gen for the company! Yulius and Eleanor, the forever supportive friends who always show up! Extra kudos to Eleanor for bringing the lovely Leika!

sales were not bad today. Butterflies finally overselling The Boy. New mini; Invisible Bird had a good respond with the finishing. Love Letter, as usual attracts the females more. Almost everyone bought ROJAK.