Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Letters to you, from an Artist.

That's what i feels like to me, to type in the url and go to 30dayartist.
Feels like I got a mail from an artist friend. Some days, it's enough to get me out of bed.

Today we restart after a month's absence. I never thought i'd be THIS excited to start following another artistic journey. But I am excited. And i've been sending some promotional e-mails, one at the time, to invite artist to read and participate in this project.

My eyes are getting blury, but i wish i could just go on e-mailing!

What with the day job and all, i think i'll call it quits for the day.

Very special thanks, to those kind souls who have been spreading the word of 30dayartist themselves.

To the rest of you, enjoy!