Thursday, October 26, 2006


imagine this.

you visit your favorite
search engine site.

as usual, you will notice
that very web-banner promoting
something, with a cut-out effect
picture of someone that you always
feel looked a little like you.
but you thought, with that kind
of photoshop-cut-out effect,
any picture of a person with
that similar hair or glasses
bound to look alike.

you ignore the banner.
thinking that its merely
a coincidence that the picture
look a little like you.

as time goes by. you
see that very same banner
for months. and you really
starting to feel that it
really does look like you.
and you can't help to
think, why aren't yr other
friends noticing this.
why hasn't anyone ask,
"hey, how much did they
pay you for that picture.
must be alot, huh?"

eventhough, it wasn't you,
you just can't help knowing,
that no one agrees that the picture
does look like you.

and so you confront them.

surprised. you confront another.

then another.

then another.

you suddenly feel a cold-chill inside
your stomach.

every single person you asked,
replied the same.

"i thought that picture look
like me."

even the fat ones, thin ones,
girl, boy, old, young,

answered the same.

you find that odd?

and so you research.

and you are surprised how
technology had grown even
without ourselves knowing it.

all monitors could receive

a similar signal that your eye
receives, then translated
into your brain.

the monitor receives
that signal.
the signal of seeing you
and the entire room of yours.
while you changed. eat. sleep.
while you doing things that
you wish no public would see.

and that is the future.

pls make sure that you are ready

when the day comes.