Wednesday, January 25, 2012


watching/listening to this again and again
makes me feel that i've not done enough in my life,
there are places i should be going.

the potential is so big!

the world is so big.

wait for me.

wait for me.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

As human beings we all make mistakes. We sin. But, people who are bad make a lifelong, regular habit out of it and have very little, if any, sense of remorse. Actually, they rather enjoy it. There's a sense of autonomy, self-determination, and blazing one's own path that seems to thrive in a person who recognizes no rules but his/her own and no authority other than the desires of his/her own heart.

i found this article when I was googling for 'Is Obama a bad man?'
by reading the above, could you think of anyone that you used
to know? do you feel like one? that's because i'm talking about
you :P

Anyway, here's the entire article:

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

wow, we're at (not quite :(

Wow, this could have been us up there eh?
Imagine how crazy it would have been,
if there have mentioned us.

anyway, here was my comment for the video


2005, i quit my job, rented a room and painted
40 canvases in 30 days via updated daily
on a blog,
since, we had various artists from around
the world participating the same challenge
at the site.

Matt Cutts' 3 minutes video made so much
impact as compared to the blog i've ran
for 5 years (which recently just closed down)
I agree 110% of what he had said, and have
been presenting the same message every where i go.

i'm shocked to have stumbled upon this
presentation and it gave me goose-bumps
knowing that someone else shares the same
views as i have of the 30-days-movement
so passionately. (a thought of that i could have
been the one up there crosses my mind briefly :P)

i was a printing sales guy before i did
the challenge on 2005. since, i've ventured
myself into the art world, published books+
comics, appeared on television+newspaper+etc,
invited for speeches, direct tv shows and
presently directing TV commercials.

my next goal would be to direct my own
feature someday and maybe bring home
an Oscar to my country.

crazy? yeah, that's what 30 days of
devotion to something you believe in
can do to you. it builds your confidence,
forces you to deal with your demons+negative+
laziness, (sometimes) forces good
art out of you, and also make peace
with the bad ones.

Out of the 40 works/paintings, i'm definitely
sure there will be at least 1 masterpiece.

Setting a target of 40 works in that 30 days
also forces you to better time manage your
work as an artist. painting 1 a day is too
comfortable, and I believe sometimes
'comfort' is a distraction to an artist.

additionally, posting on a blog via daily
pressures you to post/work daily just so
you won't be embarrass and disappoint
your viewers. the comment box in the blog
also helps when the audiences shouts
at you for not working, and also encourages
at time.

so-yeah, i 110% agree with what Matt said
and encourages anyone to go and give the
30 days challenge a try.

cheers to all and peace.