Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 38: Amazing

Recce quite outskirt of Jakarta today.
Had time to watch Hereafter in the car
with director.

Pretty good movie.

I like Clint Eastwood's touch to a simple
story. Very moving.

Just watched Spike Jonze 'I'm here' last night.
Had a good touch too.

Good storytellers have the talent of creating
this touch. The journey is the same, is what
surrounds it makes the difference. Experience,
age, treatment, influences and many more
defines this journey. But it reaches to the
same core, of this touch it gives to the

I wonder what surrounds my journey and whether
will my touch be as great as the 2 directors.

Had a discussion with director about God, religion,
existential and death.

Talking to an atheist sometimes strengthens my
faith again. It reminds me the importance of
having God in my life. That everything happens
for a reason.

That moment, I remembered how chill-out I was
a year ago. How everything I did, I had great
faith and confidence. Even if I was to fail,
I would have believe it was meant to be.

What passed, I shall let it pass.
Who has done wrong, I shall forgive,
and believe that it was meant to be,
to remind me, every failure leads to
a greater success.

Suddenly I don't seem to hold the grudge
anymore, and felt a little lighter.

Movies impact me.

I learn from the lessons in stories.

At the end of the evening, I was offered
to be 2nd AD for a shoot.

Yes! My first break to strive and shine!

Working on a new board.

Till tomorrow.

Thank You.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 36: Chill

Had superb breakfast today.
Then played FIFA 11 with friend's father.
He then went off to work.

Watched Boardwalk Empire.
Interesting, almost like Sopranos,
but not quite.

Had a nap.

Then went off to work.
Traffic was crazy.

Finally reached director's house,
only been told that meeting was

Then I walked all the way to
friend's father's post house.

It was a great walk.
Haven't been walking for awhile.
Great to check out the area.

Had great dinner, local food.
Met some agency people.

Came back home, played more FIFA again.
Then friend's father taught me some
golf. Interesting game. Gonna research
it a little.

Yawn. Not a day goes by I don't think
of her.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 35: Buried.

I always get myself into shit.
Involved with the wrong people.
Like I'm subconsciously enjoy
digging myself a hole and falls
into it. Worse, I'll let myself
get buried.

Only when I no longer could take it,
I'll struggle to dig myself out.

Like I enjoy being buried and the
experience of digging out.

I shouldn't have checked.
I shouldn't have seen.

But at least now I know it's serious.
Now I know I have to stay away.

So many people saw it even before I did.
Was too blinded. Now I'm stuck. Buried.

Today starts the digging out.

This is for you:


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 34: Sunday

Haven't been to church for awhile now.
Been listening to sermons through my
Iphone everyday though.

Work was ok today.
Test shoot some scenes and rigs.

Spent most of my time researching
on internet of commercials.

My ambition is to tap into the
international market someday.

It is possible, especially when
you are in this industry.

Wish to live in an Europe country
someday. I'm still pretty much
in love with my last trip to London.
Miss Brussels. Miss my special friend.

She didn't call.
Had tons of FB wishes though.
But not her.

Guess she really have moved on
and having a good life now.
Maybe I should to.

My first birthday away from home.

Was feeling a little reluctant to
go home today knowing that I'll
be alone. But I wasn't. Friend's
father and girlfriend was home.
We had pizzas and watch a dvd.

It was fun and cozy.

Still, I miss home a little,
and that cozy small room in London.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 33: The big 3

No work today.
Spent some time at home researching for
the next project.

Had some time to check out the local
malls. Fancy. Had some coffee, lunch,
then dinner. Nice place to bring a date.

At night went to a club.
Luckily, I had some friends from KL
who are living in Jakarta now, or I'll
be spending my birthday alone.

The club was crazy.
Went back home not too drunk.
Think my 30-year old body is finally
withstanding the alcohol.

Didn't had time to post, or was too lazy.
Am in production house now waiting
for the director.

Yep, it's Sunday, and I'm working.
But it doesn't bother much to me
cause I'm here to strive.

Happy 30!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 32: Research

Was researching the entire day
at director's house.

Mind constantly floating everywhere.
Recalling my last holiday at London.

Is Jakarta the city I truly want to
live in? If given choice, where would
I rather be?

I look at Jakarta as a stepping stone.

Always wanted to get out from the city
I grew up in. And now I'm here.

But I truly miss Europe.

I miss the culture.

I miss walking the streets.
Taking the tube.

It gets pretty depressing with your
heart longing for something that is
not at present but somewhere far away.

Finished work early.

Had some drinks with some friends.

Mind was still constantly away.

Not working tomorrow.
For the first time in Jakarta.

Now I'm worried, what am I to do?

Hate not working. Don't like the alone
time. I like my mind to be constantly
busy of something and not think of elsewhere
far away.



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 31: Nothing

Today's pretty chill-out day.
Client canceled on offline preview.

Went to director's house and did some
research. He's borrowing me one of
his macbook pro. Good machine.
Saying goodbye to my netbook.

Came back home pretty early.
For the first time I was back home
before 9pm.

Nothing much happened today.

Today's one of those days.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 30: First day

First day back at work.
Was at the production house.
While the director was presenting
the offline to the agency, I and
another colleague did some edit
on some random rushes, creating
a TVC for fun.

after work, met up with fellow
Malaysian friend to hang out with
his Indonesian friends.

We drove outskirt of the city that
was filled with big houses.
Very well off friends.
A complete contrast to the city.

Had good food and some wine.

A girl was sharing her tragic love story.

Compared her's to mine, mine doesn't
seem that bad after all.

Came back home, semi drunk.
Shall sleep, and prepare for tomorrow.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 29: Am back

Back in Jakarta today.

Hate waiting at airport alone.
Hate flying alone.

KLIA, hate the airport.

Took the train express,
reminded me of the train rides
from S.Hampton to London.
Always traveled with hope and excitement.

Hate being back in KL.
Missed friends+families, but KL just
doesn't feel the same anymore.
Felt like a ground where I've overused it
and done it all. Butterfly parks.

Am just counting the days of I being
in Jakarta till the day I officially
start directing here.

Tomorrow marks a complete 30 days I've
been here.

More to come, but not too long I hope.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Many movies gonna make about Japan's tragedy someday. The scene where people tireless scanning for names in the long list in the hospital is really sad.

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Airasia plane smells like microwave food.

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Can't remember what's this call but it's a combination of fried yong taufoo with satay sauce and a twist of lemon.

Indonesia's version of kuih lapis.

Ahhh..missed my bed so much.

Odd, I don't have the urge to check out world news when I'm back home in KL. Maybe it's the being away that gave me the urge.

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Once touched down, Merong's trailer was looping at the airport. Thought the last part roar was weird.

Taking planes are like taking public transport for the rich. One day I'm gonna have my own private plane. :p

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Cues after cues after cues just to get into a plane. Wish I could just teleport home. :p

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Just paid 44k rp. for a mee ayam at the airport that doesn't taste as good as the 5k rp. from the streets.

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Airasia jakarta is damn sneaky. Didn't know had to pay extra for airport tax and the basic 15kg luggage when u arrive at the airport. Adds up total equivalent to MAS. Airasia no more!

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Feeling so excited to go back to KL.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm pulling my noisy luggage wheels in this early morning reminds me of (:

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Day 27: Testing and More meetings

Think I'm slowly catching up the language.

Today in the meeting, I understand 60% of
what they were discussing, so I had the chance
to slip in some thoughts. Even broke the ice
in the meeting and everyone laughed.

We tested the Bolex and 5D camera today.

Too bad I won't be able to stay for the
shoot. Will be heading back to KL tomorrow
for couple of days to settle my work permit.
It would have been great to work with
Mira Lesmana and Sarah Sechan.

It also would have been great to watch
the reknown DP Phillip Rang work.

Oh-well, atleast I've got bout couple
of hours on set tomorrow before I depart
to the airport.

Call time tomorrow, 430am.

Shit, shouldn't have drank that sucky
Starbucks latte.

Jakarta Starbucks sux!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 26: Conversations

Was late today.

But luckily was on time at least.

Came back earlier today.

Had some time to catch up
on some reading.

Feeling really sleepy now though.

Japan's tragic is scary.

Mom's worried reading the news
that Indonesia might be affected.

Told her I was fine.

TIll tomorrow.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 25: Oppornunities

Woke up really early.
Only slept 2 hours.
Rushed to the director's house.

Met a french-australian DP today.
Studied how the way he worked.
He travels quite abit to various
countries and various big production

Heard of his name back in KL.

So glad to finally meet him.

Too bad on the day of this shoot,
I'll be back in KL to get my
work visa approved from the Indonesia

Director gave me the chance to direct
the kids at the audition today.
And I shot the audition with the
Canon 5d Mark2 camera.

I was given the opportunity to edit
the audition video for presentation
to the clients tomorrow.

It's amazing how I've been destined
to work with children.

Recalled when I was at the post production
yesterday, as I was listening to the director
talking to the online editor of technicality
issue to the project, how fortunate I was
to be exposed to graphic design and animation.
I always thought those knowledge I had was
useless, just layman's job.

Now training to be a director, knowing
all the terms and technicality helps so
much in the craft.

I have to constantly remind myself that
every current present situation is a lesson
for tomorrow.

Even in relationships. I see so clearly now
why the past had to occur in able to prepare
myself for the present-future relationships.

Till tomorrow, gotto get some sleep.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 24: No Sleep

Was at post house the entire day.
It was the final presentation
of the director to the clients
and agency.

All I do is just listen to their conversation.

Learning how the director converse.
Understanding the whole process
of commercial works.

Getting the agreement.

I find today was the most difficult part
of the whole process.

At the afternoon, they had time to go
for futsal. Everyone kept asking me
to play. But I wasn't prepared.

It's been years since I last kick
a ball. Ball always hit my face
and breaks my glasses. Paranoid.

But I guess I have to start picking
up again, because football seems
to be the subject that bonds
relationships among guys.

Went back home quite late.
Only had bout 2 hours to sleep
till I have to go out again.


Just heard a tragic life story from a girl in production, girls in Jakarta are so tough.

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Dressed like one, but not like one.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 23: Tragedy and Celebrity

Interesting day.

Recce for location.

Next met up with Mira Lesmana,
a famous film producer.
Saw her copy of Rojak book.
My director told her that I
was the illustrator.
She asked me to sign her copy.
It was great honor.

Then met up with Sarah Sechan,
a known personality in Indonesia.
She asked whether have she seen
me somewhere before cause I looked
familiar to her.

Strange day of encountering
the 2 celebrities.

Some friends was worried that the Japan tsunami
might hit Jakarta.

It's all good here.

Prayers to the victims...


Bloody tasty kuey tiaw served with beef balls and prawn wantan! Unlimited dressing, sweet, sour, spicy, fried/non-fried onions!!!

Met Mira Lesmana the famous film producer of Indonesia. Signed her copy of Rojak. So proud.

How could you ordered it and let it melt? Nothing worse than seeing a beautiful desert melts.

Firman and Gareth? Jakarta is so open .

A tv drama assistant director laughed when I told them how much I was getting to direct an episode back in Malaysia.

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Meeting Sarah Sechan, love her charisma and sarcasm. Very good personality and social skill.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

fXXk! wished i bought my enzyme pills for this tummy ache I'm having!

Day 22: Whatever


I wondered what happened the last 6 months.

Was it a dream?

Is this a dream?

Life feels so fast.

Had a really bad tummy ache this morning.
Was really nightmare.
Had cereal then some pills.
Wished I had the enzyme pills.
Real tortured. Was supposed to be
at the director's house at 2pm.
Luckily the tummy ache went away

We tested the bolex camera today.
So awesome to hear the camera rolling sound.

Everybody's smiling in Jakarta.
It can get quite irritating and depressing.

Came back home late.
Tummy's striking again.

Shall go sleep it off.

Till tomorrow.


Sapi lada hitam; black pepper beef rice. Being getting gastric. My first proper meal of the day.

Nobody here ever complains that they're not paid enough, just paranoia of not good enough and be replaced.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Day 21: Crossroads

Woke up. Had time to run.

Then went to 7-Eleven to get a hotdog,
that came with unlimited chillis and cheese.

Walked to the building where meeting is held.

Bad air.

After meeting, went to the post and met
a Singapore dude. Finally someone from the
same region with the same english dialect.

he told me bout a pub where Malaysians
and Singaporeans go to.

Went there straight after work.
Met some veterans who have been in Jakarta
for many years. They shared stories and
gave me pointers of surviving this
jungle city.

Smoked and alcohol.
Went home drunk.

Thought to myself, damn, all those days
of running and not smoking has gone
to waste.


Just came back from Crossroads, a pub where malaysians and singaporeans gather to bitch and share the joy of Jakarta. Thankful to veterans giving me advise to survive this jungle,

Tigger way of saying goodbye.

Serabi; coconut pancake with cheese, chocolate and banana. Taste even better than kuih lumpur or apom.

The moment it went into my mouth, it tasted so good, it made me smile. The girl next to me asked why am I smiling. I told her that I've never felt so happy over food since the last time I had the best red velvet in London. Then we started chatting and exchanging stories. Till I saw her ring........


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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 20: Pastries

Meetings after meetings today.
Over heard a conversation of the director
and the agency guys that Jakarta is flooded
with jobs, and not enough directors to
execute it.

You don't hear that at all back in KL.

Didn't have any proper meals the entire day.
Just pastries and cakes from meetings.

Slept in the car during jams.
Jams in Jakarta is crazy.
It took us 2 hours just to reach
a usual 20-minute drive.

After the final meeting, I walked
home cause it was pretty near.
Stroll around a mall and found
a second hand bookstore.
Similar to the ones in London,
where you'll randomly find
treasures of rare books.

Had dinner in a food court where
there was a teenage band performing.
Food was oily but tasty.
Gulp even the last drop of the soup.

Reached home, jumped on bed and slept.
Finally some deep sleep.

Shall begin Day 21.


Very moving and inspiring; Inside the Egyptian revolution

Applied for my working visa. Am finally changing my FB current city to Jakarta. This is it!

Ahh...Found a 2nd bookstore that carries English books and comics!

Random food court has a teenager band performing Jason miraz's Lucky.

Been eating pastries and kuih muih the entire day of meetings. I want solid food!!!

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Even atm machines have commercials playing on their monitor.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

This song has been running in my head from time to time. Comparable to Mew's Symmetry. is possible to wake up an hour early to work out and run.

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Day 19: Live it

Tried today to wake up an hour earlier
to work out and do my running.

Success. But panting and sweating all
the way. Even when I'm in cab.
Not sure if it's healthy to immediately
shower after exercise.

Reached the post house and ordered
a cup of milk.


Had presentation at an ad agency today.
The branch in KL seems more classier
compared to the one in Jakarta.
Clients commented they like the drawings
on the board. Director introduced me.

Finished early today.
Went to a mall.
Tried some food.
Hawker food that reputed will give
foreigners diarrhea. Thought I finally
give it a try, cause they say once
you get it, your body will naturally
be immune to it. I breath in and prayed
before I had my first bite.
It tasted really good.
And it's so cheap! A bowl of mee only
cost me bout a price of a coke.
It's been 4 hours since, and I'm still
fine. Thank God.

Was feeling adventurous.
Been shield from Jakarta city by always
being indoor and cabs. So I decided to walk
the streets at night.

Interesting. Dirty. Makes you wonder
how people live in such condition,
and makes me feel so grateful
always in able to be inside an
air conditioned cab.

Took the cab home finally.
Drove pass the streets I just
walked really gave me a full 3-dimensional
feel of the city.

Reached home. Felt bloody tired.
But still I got more work to finish.

Got a board to fix.

And a very earlllllly meeting tomorrow.

Till tomorrow.


A bowl of mee and teh botol only cost me bout RM2.

They put milk and cheese into their corn-in-cup.

Just entered a mall like lowyat plaza but filled with blackberry stores.

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Ketoprak, awesome rojak like food in Jakarta. Tofu, egg, bihun, ketupat and chilli peanut sauce.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Can't wait to go back KL next week and watch local movies like The DVD and KRU's Merong.

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Can't wait to watch Depp's Rango. Hope when I'm back in KL, it's showing. Let's go @Artmakr @shwong

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Shall not drink coffee today!

Just felt a slight pull on my chest and now I can't seem to find my heartbeat. Should cut down coffee.

Day 18: Migraines


Either too much coffee, or I spent
too much time on the computer and drawing.

Been drawing non-stop since I woke
up this morning.

Went to an awesome post production house
that was renovated to look like boutiques.
Very classy. Very good service too.
They make the best coffee.

Been drinking alot of coffee since I touched
down in Jakarta. Can't help it, everywhere
I go, there's people asking me whether I want
coffee. They are just so polite that it is
hard for me to say No.

Been cutting down on smoking.
Resist. Every 5 days probably 1 stick.
Considered a great improvement since in KL
I smoke almost half a pack a day.

The irony is that cigarettes in Jakarta is
bloody cheap.

But I gotto fight it. Could feel my body

Get dizzy easily. Could be the air here.

Tried running and swimming whenever I can.

Bloody tired now... gonna go sleep.

Till tomorrow.


Awesome post house serves really good coffee and any food you want. Feels like a king.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

I got a feeling that today is gonna be a good-good day. :D

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Day 17: Getting back

Mind focus on working.
Nothing else.

Finished another board today.
That's 3 boards in a week.
Started on a 4th one today.

It can get quite depressing
staying at home and working
on a weekend.

Tomorrow; Sunday, no church and work again.
Will be heading to the director's house.

Late evening, watched some movies.
Feeling sleepy.

Till tomorrow.


I used to shave once every month, then weeks, and now everday. Even cut my nails and hair more often. Do we grow faster as we grow older?

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Feelin extra hungry today. Whacking some eggs after cereal. Missing breakfast buffet at curve hotel.

Beeno wants some of my cereal.

Day 16: Double tired

Attached to this director is like
working 7 days in a week.

Not complaining. Think I need this boost.
Been slacking in KL for too long.
Is not that I wanted to, is just
there isn't anything for me there.

It's ridiculous recalling back those
days when I was still directing for TV,
as compared to now; the whole work process
is the same. Present the client with ideas,
discuss with them, fight with them, win some,
lose some, get my boss/producer's approval,
gain respect from the production team,
make sure everyone doesn't hate you,
shoot more than 8 hours a day,
entertain clients who visited the set,
hope it doesn't rain during shoot,
rush the scenes in a day,
wrap, party, offline, online, making
sure the editors are comfortable with
your working style, present to client
offline/online, revise the cut according to
client, argue with them, agree with them,
rush for delivery, transfer, deliver,
aired, next project.

It's all the same.

Except here, I'm dealing with giant
companies and international production team.

And get paid well for what I do.

The only slack thing is I don't get
to tell long format stories.

Hey-you can't win them all yeah?



Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 15: Tired

Been working the entire day on storyboard.

Guess it's good practice to sit down with
a director and craft out the board, knowing
what are the shots he want.

Was alone in the apartment. Cooked indomee.
Played with the cats. Watched BBC news.
I don't used to watch the news.
Now it has become a habit.

Didn't used to exercise either.
Now I run whenever I can.

Guess that's what all relationships do,
affect you in many ways, good and bad.

Came back home from director's house.
Found a place to stay just 2 houses
down his. But it's a little worn out.
Not a good place to stay for a year.
Or to bring guests home. ;)

Damn tired. Will work on the next
storyboard tomorrow.

Till then.

Am hungry, and dunno what to eat.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

So bloody brilliant directed.

I thought you would find this interesting:

The Fragile Childhood: Eyes of a child [Euro RSCG Helsinki] -

Shared from Best Ads, an iPhone app made with

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Day 14: Boards

Just in a blink, it has been 2 weeks.

Maybe another few blinks, 10 years.

Time flies.

It has almost been 2 months since...

Spent half the day today finishing
the storyboard. Every version done,
I'll run down of the apartment and
head to the set and show the director
the board.

He seems satisfy with it, just need
to fix some changes.

Was really tired since yesterday.

On my way back, I stopped at the pool
and automatically took a nap.
Water splashes, kids screaming in joy,
various foreign languages, wind and
the sun.

After an hour, I went back to the apartment
and continue working.

Took a short nap afterwards. Thought I heard
the director voice, woke up. And saw that he was
in the living room having a chat with my
friend's father. :) Thought I was overworked
and hallucinating my director's voice.

Sometimes, one fine day, you wake up,
and you realized you've forgotten
yr past. But one small little hint
might just bring it all back. Saw
a book 'Have A Little Faith'.

All came rushing back. How the past
reflects the present now.

Feels so ugly and crappy. Shall doze off a little
and continue to work on the second board.

Well-atleast money is coming in.


It felt like nothing to you, but on the other side, it felt so long and like hell. karma.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Another compliment stating my artwork is similar to Lat. have not held the brush since I drew-----..sigh.

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Tigger purrs softly when I pats her.

Day 13: Beautiful

Clouds are clearing.

Good weather today.

Hope tomorrow will be the same.

God doesn't want me to stop drawing.
I left my inks and brushes back in KL,
not expecting to do art any time soon.
Now I'm asked to work on storyboards,
and wishing I've took my tools with me.