Tuesday, August 31, 2010

wish somebody can teach me how to tag friends in FB post.

Day 31: Never give up!

Day 31: Never give up!

Strive and strive and strive.

Years back, I was bomb emailing everyone
'bout my run at 30dayartist.com

Most didn't give a damn.

But some did.

That's what most important;


"Even a lousy marksman hits the target
eventually if he fires enough shots."

My book will definitely be published one day.
I'm deeply motivated and inspired by Yoshihiro Tatsumi's
A Drifting Life.


I See So Many Butterflies Vol.2 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/chinyew/sets/72157624847092542/show/ Continues at www.30dayartist.com

Urghh.. is 2 pages a day too slow? Gotto work faster!

I See So Many Butterflies Vol.2 - http://www.flickr.com/photos/chinyew/sets/72157624847092542/show/ Continues at www.30dayartist.com

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 30: Finishing

Completing a project is very important.

No point in starting something
and abandoning it at the end.

Serves no justice to your own
hard work.

Not fair to your readers.


I'll be continuing my run till
end of Sept.

Total pages from Vol.1 is 430+ pages.
I'm targeting another 170 pages.
That's the total of 600.

Need to do it.

After completing I See So Many Butterflies,
I'm gonna take a break for awhile on comics.

Will concentrate on my film directing.

Here's for readers who just hopped on:


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 29: Struggle


Drawing is so hard.


Drag my own lazy ass to the
drawing table.


Sat for awhile. Doodle a little.
Couldn't get the images out right.
Threw the pencil and launch myself
to the bed. A mistake to have
your drawing desk next to yr bed.

Twist and turn on my bed for awhile.
Fed up, got up, flip a graphic novel.
Got a little inspired, jumped back
to the drawing desk. Minutes later,
still nothing. Turned on the PC for
music. Boost my stereo. Music kicks
in. Felt the drive a little. Took
up my pencil. Circular. Horizontal.
Etcetera. Etcetera.

Screw the resistant and finally opens
the box of Famous Amos that I've been
saving. Saved for block days.
Today IS a block day I tell myself.
Munched away. Drank milk.
Scribble. Erase. Finally. Finally.

Began to ink. Carefully. Carefully.
Looked at the time. Damn. I'm late.
Got to post. Got to post.

Ran downstairs. Turned on my pc.
Scanned the page.
Adjusted in Photoshop.
Clean the lines.

What to write? What to write?
Jam. Wait-I know! Guess I'll write
about this; The struggle!

The struggle of how every page
is produced.



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 28: Influences

When I'm asked to work on something,
I research deeply into it.

I remembered reading a book that

'research' is the ultimate to a masterpiece.

I watches tons of movies and read tons of
material every year.

Back when I was working as a concept writer
for a tv production house, I would watch
atleast 3 movies a day of a particular
genre or theme that I was asked to developed.

Currently I'm reading A DRIFTING LIFE.

I'm so thankful for my early manga reading years.

Back when I was in primary school, I was really
obsessed with Japanese manga and anime.
A close friend who was also into comics made
fun of them, and made various insults on
the Japanese art form. He also tried pushing
American comics to me. Soon other friends
joined along and made fun of me. Due to peer pressure,
I turned to American comics. But secretly,
I would still run down to the video shop and rent
an episode of Dragon Ball, or buy a copy of
translated version Lone Wolf. Years later,
the manga wave came to Malaysia, and everyone
dropped the superhero comics and turned to
Manga. So did all my friends that had laughed
at me.

I used to buy manga obsessively.
Even though I couldn't read Chinese, which was
the cheapest edition I could find,
I would still buy them, just to study them.
I was able to get the story even though
I couldn't read the words. Thinking back,
I think by doing that, it had forces myself
to digest the sequential images with in-depth,
and subconsciously I had trained myself
to master the sequential art form.

Those were my early influences.

I guess that was what developed my storytelling skill.

I have more influences, but I would say Japanese
art form shaped me most.

I really love A DRIFTING LIFE.
It talks about the manga art form.
The spirit inside the book reminds
me of my manga reading days.

Can't wait to share the book around once I'm done.

Posting early today, cause need to go Church
in the morning.

Heading to the studio now to visit the boys
and bring them awesome Malay style wet Char Kuey teow.

Yum Yum.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 27: Being Inside

Met up with some friends last night.

They thought I've been feeling depress lately.

Maybe it's the post that I've been posting.
Maybe it's the vibe that I've been spreading.


But no guys, I'm fine.

Guess maybe it's because I've been trying
to get into the pages lately. To be in the
mood of the characters inside my comic.

I have to agree that I See So Many Butterflies
can be a pretty dark and depressive book.

I got commented many times of Vol.1.

But to some who have read ALOT of other
darker and melancholy stuff, my book
will seem pretty pretentious and pansy
to them.

But yeah, I'm trying to be in the character.
Being in a jail lock-up is no funny business.

Even my special someone thought she should
detach from me for awhile after reading yesterday's post.


The post are meant to be for general.
Most of them are targeted for people
who wants to be an artist.
My post serves as a heads-up of what to
expect if you were one, through my experience
as one.

Detaching is very important after being inside
your story and character for too long.

You want to be in the mood to create the
most authentic work. But you wouldn't want
it to eat you up till you affect people
around you.

Heh. Guess it already has.

Shall detach for awhile.

Here are pencils for the coming 2 pages.
Got back pretty late last night drinking
with the boys. Shall ink them tonight.

Till then.

federal highway is pretty clear. It's the turning to midvalley that's causing the #%! congestion.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 26: Adapt

I've tried to adapt many times in my life.

Entering a new world.

Facing new changes.

Encountering disaster.



Adapt; getting used to.

Fixing your mental and physical to suit
the enviroment.

Tell your heart, force your heart
to feel a certain way.

Brainwash yourself.

"What that doesn't kill you,
only makes you stronger."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

My no.1 quote of all time.


shall finish the last chapter of Dash Shaw's Bottomless Belly Button and then proceed to drawing more pages.

feeling a 'lil down today. Let's hope tonight's MACC will break out some laughter.

feel so tak puas today... sigh...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 25: Break

The famous slogan;

Take a break, Take a Kit Kat.

Once in awhile we should detach
from our heavily obsessed art life.

Go grab a beer. Watch a play.
Catch a movie. Laugh at stand-ups.

Or even better, go do something
un-art related.

Too much of something is bad for you.

So is art.

We need the fresh air.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 24: Rush-rush-rush

Sorry guys. Had to rush out to work.
Have to head to the production house.


Anyway, apologize for bad grammar
or spelling. Will be fixing the
sentences in the future.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 23: Getting Paid

The best payoff as an artist is getting
paid for your work.

As children we doodle for our parents' attention.
Their praises of our efforts brightens our day.

Getting paid for you work justify how good you are.
People want your stuff. Your stuff is in demand.

It matters not how famous you are really,
at the end of the day is whether your art
brings the bread onto the table.

Most artists lack of accounting skill.

Not very good debt collector either.

Be mean as an ass, knowing that if you
don't get paid soon, you won't have
the opportunity to return to your drawing
table and do what you love best.

So try ways to get paid for your humble

Or not, I'm sorry,

you've to change job.

Good luck and Godspeed.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 22: Talk

Communication is the only way you
can understand another one better.

Detecting their rhythms and accent,
you can learn their attitude and
their origins.

Hearing out their views,
you can judge their character and philosophy.

Special bond and chemistry relates
both of you as one stream of thought.

With mixing and matching, you'll find
both of you discovering new views.

Ones laughter triggers another one.

And so we laughed together.

Laughter concludes happiness.

What else can you ask for more?


So go talk and discover.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 21: Patience

Wait and wait and wait and wait.

Waiting is always the hardest.

But if you could master it,
you'll be divine.

But don't wait too long,
chances and opportunities don't come everyday.

So I guess, it's really like fishing.

You wait for the bait. And when you get a bite,
pull it.

Passion don't wait.

Go get your passion. But be smart with
the timing. Know when to strike it,
and when to withdraw it.

Do not frustrate if it hasn't come.
It will. I always forgets, and frustrates.
It feels like shit.
But it always come.

It's only the matter of time,
how long you are willing to wait for it,
and finally, how good and fast you can grab it.

Although, most of us knows of this,
but many times we forget.

I forget quite often.



get to work, Chin Yew! GET TO WORK!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 20: Super tired

Yep. Got back at 6am yesterday.

The last episode I directed had an over-run duration.
Had to trim a 33 minute into a 24 minute.

Since it was the last episode, I invested heavily on the story
and shots. Most shots were either moving or
carefully planned-framed. Every dialogue, every beat
in the script was very compact.

So you can imagine, it took me a very hard
time to wanna trim it.

But eventually, I did. But it wasn't easy.

I had to throw away scenes, dialogues, shots.

Imagine throwing away every carefully drawn
panels in a comic.

That's how painful it was.

But in film, that has to be done.

Feeling grouchy waking up this morning.

My body alarm clock woke up itself at 9am.
So that's like 3 hours sleep.
I had to force my body to continue sleeping.
It was like telling my blur body,

"Dude, get back to sleep.."
"But it's 9am.."
"Trust me, dude.. get back to sleep..."

And that entire conversation kept
repeating itself till 12pm.
That's how my body feels now.

I turned on my table light and my pc music
to prepare myself as I continued lay my
body back on the bed.

Eventually, I didn't get up. Still felt
tired, and no pages done.

So to compensate, as a back-up,
(Chin Yew always have a backup),

Here's a book flip video which I shot of
a recent picture book I did for a gallery.

The Boy Who Loved Durians from chinyew on Vimeo.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 19: 2 lives

I've got 2 lives.

One as an artist,
the other as a director.

As an artist, I'm a nice guy.
As a director, I'm a mean guy.

As an artist, the end result is under my control.
As a director, the end result is a collaborative of various people.

As an artist, I execute as an individual.
As a director, the execution is as a team.

As an artist, I've got all the time in the world.
As a director, time is money.

As an artist, I choose when to work.
As a director, I've to wait for work to come.

As an artist, I'm my own censorship.
As a director, I've got a long line of people who censors.

As an artist, my energy burns slowly and randomly.
As a director, my energy burns gradually and in a huge amount .

I love my 2 life.

And I don't think I can ever drop any one of them.

Maybe in different years, I'll concentrate more
over the other. But never letting anyone of them go.

I'm too much of a greedy and ambitious prick.


Here are the pencils of the coming pages:


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 18: Packed

My life is like a sardine can.

Last night had to go to editing session at production house.
My final episode of the children show I've been doing
for years.

I tell myself, that will be my last tv job.

Maybe another telemovie or so.

But got to see, budget's too stinky.

Anyway, got back really late last night. 4am.

Woke up this morning to rush 2 pages out.
Now I've to rush to the production house again
to brief the graphic guys for some animation
of the episode I've directed.

Then, MAYBE meeting up a special someone for lunch.

Depends on the availability and whether she's keen
to meet.

Hint- Hint.

Till tomorrow.


P/s: Moss!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 17: Life is good.

Woke up this morning feeling super!

I'm alive. I have all the time in the world.

I have the privilege to do art.

There is not an office I've to be.

I don't have to stuck in a jam.

I don't have to rush.

I don't have to answer to anybody.

I'm financially stable.

I'm free!

I love life.

I love my life.

I am an artist!


Monday, August 16, 2010


Day 16: Differences

ahh.... life.

so many minds. so many choices.

so many urges. we all want different things.

what makes us same?

our desire?

what happens when it is not met.

we become different.

we started out wanting the same things.

then change came.

can we survive with our differences?

shall we give in?

the irony, we give in at different time.

here are the pages:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 15: Time flies

Oh-my..it's the 15th already.

Time is running out.

We should cherish every moment
we have left.

Just finished inking the first chapter

Shall scan them tomorrow and lay them out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 14: Back

Ahh... finally got back. Had a cold shower.
Jumped to the drawing board and did pencils
for the following pages. Still haven't
gotten myself to ink any of the pages yet.

Inking is the most delicate part for me.
I can't just jumped into it and do them.
Throughout the years, I've learned
to carefully craft my art.

Sigh. Feeling really depressed of so many things

The damn weather is not helping either.

Bloody gloomy.



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 13: Journey

I went to a road trip with a few friends today.
Sadly it wasn't a holiday. It was to see our dear
friend, Jordan. To send him off. To say goodbye.

I shivered a little as I approached his casket
to see him for the last time.

He was still smiling.

I'm in a motel now. Luckily they had wi-fi here.

No mood to write or elaborate any further.

Here are the final strips I have.

Got to come up with something tomorrow.


Jordan Tan RIP

Music with Jordan

the tragic death of Madam Kurosawa

the ball dancer with chains.wav

Day 12: Friend.


Jordan is always smiling. He look exactly like this :)
24/7 without fail.

I shared many good memories with him.

If I was to start writing all about it,
it could take months.

I'll try and break it down as I go.

We started out working in the industry

He was the guy that helped me to do CG on
my first television directing.
Wasn't for him and his effects, the channel
wouldn't have noticed me.

He took a 8 hours bus just to helped me with the effects
in my crampy room for 2 days straight.

(Jordan working in my crampy room.)

He quit the industry at his highest peak because
he was a nice person and he couldn't stand the politics that was going
on in the industry. He also loved and missed his family.
And so he packed his bags, left Kuala Lumpur and headed
back to his hometown to live a quiet life with his family.
The day I sent him off, deep down inside, I thought I knew,
he would come back. He would come back.

But he didn't.


Art and CG had always been his true love.
During the day, he'll help his dad with the business,
and at night he'll research and polish his CG skills.


He never gave up.

Everytime I asked him for favors to do CG,
I would promise him that one day, the station will
appreciate good quality stuff, and they will start
paying us more. I promised him I would change
the industry by showing them what we got for them.
He just smiled and looked at me,

"I'll only do CG for director Chin Yew."

I called him yesterday for another project.
A project which I no longer keen about.
Because I've given up on television.

I told him,

"Jordan, you don't have to do me any favor for this
project, cause I don't even care if this turn out
shit, and at the same time, I don't want to
underpay you."

He agreed.

That very same night, he suddenly passed away.

The following morning the producer of the project called me
and offered me a really ridiculous price for the project.
I rejected it.

I don't want to do it without Jordan.
Especially not at that ridiculous price the industry
is constantly giving us. I've had it. No longer I want to be bullied.

Now thinking back of our last conversation,
I wonder was he disappointed at my change and lack
of enthusiasm for the industry.

(Jordan did all the CG that helped me shine)

I and Jordan also shared a same problem; no luck with girls.
I remember cruising at his hometown in his car, repeating
a mandarin poppy love track by S.H.E, again and again.
That was our little secret, because we presented ourselves
as rock guys. Heh.

Another night, long time ago, I and him suddenly
had the urge to listen to jazz, so we went to a jazz club.
It was very nice place; good food, good music, good
atmosphere. So I told him,

"Jordan, one day when I and you got a girlfriend,
we are gonna bring them here."

He smiled back.


We also play music together and share similar music taste.
We are always trading and introducing new music to one another.

Music with Jordan.

Jordan comes down to KL once in awhile for projects and rock gigs.
The last time, I saw him, was outside my house.
We said our goodbyes as we normally do. But this time,
he was really happy for me, because I've finally found
a girlfriend. Recalling those last moments, it really
sounded like our final goodbyes. We hug and shake

We like to call each other "friend" in a unique tone.

"Hey friend, take care and farewell."

I'll always remember you, Jordan Tan.


(Me and my hoh peng you!)

Jordan's 30dayartist run: NOVEMBER 2006

as we grow older, people around us slowly dies. their death sort of forces us to grow up.

life is so fragile. health is so far important compared to career. i'm not gonna waste my health on not worthy projects anymore. Jordan Tan, your passing is a wake up call to me. Thank you for helping me so much in my career. I owe what I got now mos

RIDICULOUS! RM8K to direct and write a telemovie! Day by day the industry is going to hell because of these producers...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 11: Rest

Ah... the shoot is finally over.

My body aches. Went for a foot massage today.
Relaxing. Came back home. Slept.
My body is retrieving from all the sleep
it has been missing.

Here are the strips for today:

And..... I worked on this book's illustration a couple months
back. It's a book written by Amir Muhammad. The process
was quite tiring too. At day, I was working in the tv production
company, and at night I was communicating with the
writer through gmail to discuss about the drawings. And
once we agreed, I proceed to illustrating them
through out the night, till the morning,
and back to my tv production work.
Where was my sleeping time? For that month, I couldn't
remember. All I could recall was snippets of sleep

Here's a book flip video I made of the book:

ROJAK - BOOK FLIP from chinyew on Vimeo.

Projects can be crazy.
You like it, you want it, you take it.
You sort of forgets whether your body could take it.
It's only after the rush and adrenaline is over,
you realized that you have been stretching your body too far.

And then rest.....

till tomorrow.