Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 30: I go home from this journey...

Day 30 by I-Ming

"I go home from this journey,
changed in so many ways.
I'd tell you about the trip,
but then you were there too."

it was fun. but i'll have to tell you.
the process of how i came to develop
the graphic novel.

of how i was on a holiday with my family
last July that inspired me to produce this art.


first, i went to Thailand.

i found this cool sketchbook at Bangkok:

The Death Book

it was fuckin cheap. i bought 2.
inspired by the cover, i found my theme,
and began to draft ideas for my 30dayartist run:

then i travel to England.
the weather inspired me:

Early design of Eron and 4

Early design of 4

Early design of Michelle

then i was in Brussel.
this is the first thing i saw when i arrived
then, 2 days later,
i found a comic store called Brusel.

this is the greatest comic bookstore that i've ever been
in my entire life. all the books were not wrapped.
they were free for browsing, yet, they were
all in mint condition. it shows how much everyone
appreciates the condition of these literate artforms.
strange indie-rock music ambience.
very silent browsing.
the combination made me feel like i was
in a library, but with music.
a very cafe-del-mar of indie rock music.

a comic art gallery upstairs.

strange weird titles i've never heard of.
friggin good arty-art. if you know euro art,
you'll know what i'm talkin about.
think Moebius, Ulf K, etc.

i was so mesmerize being there.

graphic novels,

filled with literature ideas of life.

mostly euro stuff.

luckily for me, they were all in french,
or else i would have spend a fortune there.


i started generating thumbnail pages:

most of it are only 10% used.
but they work as an idea trigger tool.

the first draft.

i started scripting the plots:

they were 20% used. they stand as a guideline.
usually, on the day of producing the pages,
the story breaths it self.

i tried linking plots, and develop other characters.
this was my greatest struggle. i didn't want him
to have anything to do with anybody.

once i arrived back home, on the 1st of August,
i quickly begin to work.
i do really-really small panels of the flow
of the story. like a storyboard.

this help me to see overall the smoothness of
the entire story:

mostly these small thumbnails are 80% used.

here are the tools i used:

i bought the good black Windsor & Newton ink
from England. i can't find it here in Malaysia.

i do my drawings on a photocopy-script of Adaptation by Charlie Kaufman.
i'm inspired by most of his works.

the working area when everyone else are not using it for
consuming food:

and now, for those who hasn't catch up to the story,
i've compiled all into one pdf:
(recommend you to right-click, then save to yr desktop)

and this is the trailer:

this has been really-really fun.
will continue finishing the graphic novel.

till then.


here are my older mini comics, free for download:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 29: Almost at the end.

Day 29 by Jordan Tan

"Almost at the end,
I feel bit different today."

i feel different.

more anxious.



tired, but fresh.

i'm almost at the finish
line. can't believe i've
made it.

i've changed.


ladies and getleman,
this 31st my country will celebrate
a 50th year anniversary of independence.

my country is a mutual living country
with 4 or more different races.

the peace has been there for 50 years
as of this 31st.

but lately things has been shaky.

a little. not too much.

my hope is, is not.

anyway, my synchro yesterday made
me watch TV. i mean broadcast TV.
not dvd TV.

anyway, malaysians,
do check out the local commercials
dedicating to our celebration of
independence. they're not bad.

i've been critique of sounding
too much like an old man.


the following are the final pages
of the first part of my graphic
novel. i will continue to finish
it at

as for tomorrow,
"the making of".

and the entire compilation of the
pages in pdf, for readers who
hasn't been catching up.

till tomorrow.



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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 28: ...begin to continue.

Day 28 by Jerry Waese

"Continue beginning,
and begin to continue."

i love this quote.

it brings me into trance
as i mesmerize on this painting
of a boy running into a full of
hopeful-fun-exciting experiences.
the painting is filled
with THAT emotion.

the emotions of a

"boy who are filled with hope of happiness."

atleast to me it is.

jerry, you should copyright
this quote.

but for now, let me use it for today.

Jerry was the 2nd person after Brandi
that gave 30dayartist a shot.

he is my favorite of all.

he had a special theme for his run.
he was to rework/repaint on his
old paintings. a transform process.
almost a reborn for him.

Here are his exact words:

The theme for me must certainly be transition and transformation, movement and renewal, recycling, reversal - re-creation and change.

My intention therefore is to take 40 fine works that I had already finished in the past few years (yet not sold and luckily not become too attached to either); and to paint over these canvases using my usual Golden acrylic paint and plastic palette knives. This rigorous culling of the stash will be symbolic of the renewal process, of the general movement and excitement of this time.

renewing 40 canvases at the end of 2005 will be a rite of passage for me. - complexed with the instability of place and time and loss of memories etc.....

check out more of his work here.

i really-really like his style.
if i was granted a wish of to paint like
anyone's style, i would like to
have his.


do you know what is the greatest thought
in a mind of a writer?


it's the thought to know that you
have a good quality of audience
reading you.

who appreciates you.


today, i lived a live of a real writer.

it was my synchrodestiny to
stay at home to do that.

let me explain to you:

1. mom synchro went out.
(yes, i'm 26 and i'm still living with
my parents. ((it's normal in Asia.))
gawd, i'm almost hitting 30s. shit.

2. me synchro to stay at home to
write that blady 52 eps of scene breakdowns.

3. i suddenly felt like eating pizzas. (meat!)
(i've been cutting on meat since March. i even
ordered coke, which i've also try to cut down.)

so, the entire day, i was eating pizzas,
drinking coke, and typing on my laptop.


i have to write.

i can't "not write".

i have to write. (forced)

and that's painful.

but yet it's my job.

i have to write.

writing can hurts sometime.

writing is painful sometimes.

just like love.

i repeat too many things.

i relive too many things.

it's all the ego's mind.

now, i reach to you.

i let go of myself.

and shall concentrate on you.

living for you.

listen readers,

i'm dedicating my life,

to you.

for better,


or for the worse.



it's weird; how i've lost track;

of what day is,

what day?"



now let's go back and see have i repeat

written anything.)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 27: Isn't colour neat?

Day 27 by Verna Vogel

"Isn't colour neat?
You think you know what you're seeing,
but it's all relative to the surroundings."

isn't life sweet?


my eyes are half closed
as i'm typing this.

yesterday's shoot lasted for 18.30 hours.

went back to work today at 1pm.

today's shoot is underwater.

swimming pool.

cold like fuck.

got back to office after shoot,
was assigned to do scenes breakdown
for 2 concept with 2 season each,
and 13 episode per season.

so 52 episodes of scene breakdown,
in 24 hours.

the program will be broadcast
on national tv.

malaysia is a country that doesn't
respect it's own entertainment industry.

they have no idea how much tv affects
the mind of everyone.

and we, creatives, are force
to survive by catering to these ignorants.

producing poor-crap quality programs.

educative programs. yes, you heard
me right. children programs too.

this is how much they value
our future generations to come.

i predict in 5 years time,
tons of dumb-bells running around
the streets committing crimes.

the value of national tv,

in this country;


and i'm ashamed to say,
i'm part of it.

colour is indeed neat.

colour tv!



to read more about the affects of tv to our mind:

Effects of Television Violence on Children by Leonard D. Eron, Ph.D.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 26: I love abstract art when it is done well.

Day 26 by Anne Kullaf

"I love abstract art when it is done well,
but I don't do it well,
so I sometimes take paintings that
I am not thrilled with as a whole
and try to find areas that can
become almost abstract."

abstract. i first heard the word
when i was in art school.

i've always been drawing.
since when i was a kid,
mom brought be a full set of color pencils.

obsess with my scribbling since.

i love my mom.

she gave me this life.

and i'm thankful.

i always feel guilty of not
giving back enough for her.

like not living my life to the fullest.


i'm a bad person.

even evil sometimes. i think.

you can tell.

for today's special.

i pre-typed this earlier.

i'll be posting this when i come
back from the crazy shoot.

today, no pages from the graphic novel.

but it's more.

a journey into my mind.


this is as deep as you can get
into me.

i love comics since young.

i have memories of dad rushing into
my room and shakes his head in disappointment,
to see me drawing again.
"sigh. drawing again."
i'll pretend that he is not there.
a moment of silence.
and i'll hear the door closes behind me.

every kid want his dad to be proud of him.

dad always wanted me to be a successful business
man, just like him. i don't blame him.
he came from a dog eat dog world.
he worked his way up hard for us.
i'm thankful to him that i have this luxury
to be in this life now.

i doubt i can ever be as close as successful as he is.

i doubt i can even provide for a child as spoilt
as i, or as well as he has provided for me.

these are my early childhood comics.

80s circa:

i was always angry as a child.
my anger towards my father's disappointment
in me, made me even wanting more to be

i guess it was my childish revenge
towards him.

with my self-destruction mental state,
it was difficult for me to find love.

from my desperation of wanting to be
love and approval of self,
i seek love, desperately.

and this desperation was a problem.

it scared them away.

and finally,

it made me found none.

late 90s circa:

after years of seeking and falling,

i finally gave up.

i decide, i shall not need love.

and then,

when i least expected,

love found me.

but it ended as fast as it begin.

it survived a 2 years stint.

the losing of this love made me angrier.

you can pretty much imagine how much.

drawing strips was a way i release my pain.

i posted them on artistcrisis. my first blog,

till i was discovered.

ashamed, i stopped.

i had 200 over pages of strips posted.

and a couple hundreds more, unscanned.

which i plan to publish them someday.

(any keen publisher out there?)

2004-2005 circa:

as time pass.
i became darker.

and darker.

i spit at life.

yet fascinated with it.

i journey far into my brain.

questioning. theorizing.

still, i found only emptiness.

like many artist, i grew tired of myself.

enough of self-pity, and self-destruction.

i was tired of the darkness.

i wanted to stand.

i did 30dayartist on August 2005.

that was the first step.

2005-2006 circa:

second year was greater.

and now, i'm here again.

sharing my obsession,

with myself.

i still seek love.

but hardly lately.

i'm happy.

i hoped i've not gloom anyone's day.

i doubt anyone will be going through
them anyway.

till tomorrow, back to the drawing board.



  1. Considered apart from concrete existence: an abstract concept.
  2. Not applied or practical; theoretical. See synonyms at theoretical.
  3. Difficult to understand; abstruse: abstract philosophical problems.
  4. Thought of or stated without reference to a specific instance: abstract words like truth and justice.
  5. Impersonal, as in attitude or views.
  6. Having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation: abstract painting and sculpture.

Day 25: This has been one of those days...

Mike Beeman is a masterpiece artist.
Technically good.

His paintings are hung at walls round the globe.

his quality of work is very established,
i feel a little low esteem of even relating with him.

you'll be surprise with his level of
quality in his work, he is still able
to commit himself to 30dayartist.

Day 25 by Mike Beeman

"This has been one of those days
where you feel really busy
but at the end of the day,
you wonder where everything is."

i believe many artist or even workaholics goes
through this dilemma.

you spend the entire day in concentration.

till you lose track of time.

the next thing you know,
the sky has turned dark.

is time to call the day off.

just like that,
another day of yr life span,


have you put yours into good use?

i hope you have.

here are result of the time that
i've used carefully today:

(i reworked yesterday's page.)

as for tomorrow.
i'm very sure i won't
have the time to do any pages.

17 hours shoot!

yep, malaysia shooting production
is that crazy.

but rest assure.

i've prepared something else
to feast yr eyes.

till then.


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