Friday, June 30, 2006


"in my last brink of hope,
God came. miraclesbegan. (
to read further of the miracles,you'll have to read my Artist Crisis.)
just to show me. to understand.and i believed.
and i started reading again.studied about the miracles.
science came in.philosophy came in. everything came in.
and i finally understand why the fork hasto be stucked.
and this is what 30day artist is about.-chinyew"

chin yew wrote this at the end of his first stint as 30day artist.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

what if?

just what if,

there is no God?

just stagnant.

what if the idea of God,
is merely just an idea of hope for you
to live through tomorrow? and tomorrow.

and what if, you realized that scheme,
then what?

what if all through yr silent prayers,
and you hear no answers that other people
claims to hear when they pray?

what if merely coincidence doesn't interest you

what if once thought spiritual experience are
infact not very spiritually?

what if the drugs don't work anymore?

what if everyone suddenly just dislikes
you for the way you think so negatively?

despise it all, what if there is no
such thing as a better tomorrow?

what if you die before you get to turn
the bad cards away?

what if you die before you get to forgive
everyone that you loved and had hurt you deeply?

what if you just can't forgive? yourself?

and just what if, despise every little
single thing you do that you think would help
yourself just doesn't?

and what if meeting someone new is not fun anymore?

and what if all yr friends just don't give a shit
about what you think and feel anymore?

what if yr parents are gone, the only last true
beings who loved you and cared for you?

what if there is just not one single fuckin thing
you could do about your fuckin messed up life
due to wrong decisions?

what if yr life, is just it? nothing more. nothing less.

and what if, the "One" day never comes,

and you just die?


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

stories. stories.

ext-outside of a cinema, 3rd floor, shopping complex.

A: so, what you think of the movie?
C: i think its abit dark.
A: dark?
C: yeah. it tends to encourage people..(pause) do it.
A: but that wasn't my intention. my intention
merely was just to tell a story.
C: ofcourse you are. but you see, the darkness
it contains, sort of.."darkens" people.
it "darkens" me some how.
A: ....
C: what?
A: that guy. he look so.... sad.
B turns around and look.
A: he looks like he wants to... jump.
C: ofcourse his not!
A: yeah, i know. but he "look" like his gonna do it.
C: look, dear, we gotto go, k?
A: yeah..(still lookin)

A slowly walks away with C pulling him.
door closes behind them. a "no smoking" sign.