Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 91: Brussels

Life is funny.

The last time I was in Brussels, I hadn't
started drawing comics for a long time.

Always loved doin comics. But never
got the hand of it.

Family wanted to come to Brussels.
I bet they didn't know that Brussels
was also known as a comic strip

People here workship comics.

Beeing in that one comic store changed
me, motivated me to work on my graphic novel.

And when I came back from the trip, I did.

I started I See So Many Butterflies Vol.1

So 2 years later, I decided to come back to
this city, hoping that comic store would
put my book on their shelves.

Before I reached that comic store, there
was another one before it, on the same

So I went in, and talked to a guy.
He was really friendly. And was even
surprised that he knew Frederik Peters
personally, the artist's book Blue Pills
was the very book I found 2 years ago
that inspired to work on mine.

The store guy was so supportive
he wanted to take quite a few of the
books I brought. But I told him
I couldn't give him all, cause I'm
targeting the store that was up
the street.

After that, I finally went back to
the store that I was at 2 years
ago. Talked to the lady owner,
she said that she wouldn't take it,
she didn't even look at them,
said that it's coming to Christmas
and that she had alot of books
coming in.

Felt disappointed.

But I still got the first store.

Guess life is very similar to this scenario.

Things you always wanted, you can never get.
The least thing you expect, you'll get.

So the question is; what you'll do,
who you want to invest.

Someone you always wanted, but don't give a shit.
someone you never knew, giving you all the shit.

Life is like that.

I love this city.


Day 90: Back in London

Walked the London Eye.

Ate tapas. Saw girls dancing.

Had more ales.

Smoked Malboros.

Walked the street.

Took the tube.

Just another day in London.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 89: Pub

Spent the entire day to finish 20 over pencils.

Then went to a pub nearby.

Very friendly place.

Old skool pub.

People just brought their instruments,
sat down, played and sang together.

Everybody knows everybody.

Reminds me of the old series Cheers.

Wish there was a similar pub back home.

The bartender gave me a t-shirt of a Ale brand,
since he knows I fancy Ale so much.

Gonna miss Ale when I get back.

It is so soon now.

Gotto cherish every moment I'm here.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 88: Galleries

Checked out galleries in London today.

The art is amazing.

So much passion in every strokes.

I ran out of words today.

Legs aching.

Gonna sleep now.

Sigh. Gotto stay home to
do work tomorrow.

No London. :(


This guy look like he is texting while riding, like most of us do these days.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 87: Broken wings

Was in a park at Camden waiting for a friend.
The park was in front of a church.

It was quiet. I was alone.

Sitting on the bench, feels like one of the
scene in I See So Many Butterflies.

A pigeon with a broken wing was hopping
around as it was avoiding passerby.

It look kinda cute when a couple was
walking, and it just kept hopping in
front of them, like their personal usher
for the park.

Then it stopped in front of me.
Looked at me. It stood there
for a couple of minutes.

I was writing, then got distracted.
Put my journal down. And looked
at the pigeon. Studying it, why's
it looking at me like that. Does
it want food?

And in a sudden, it flapped it wings
and flew infront of me and glide
gracefully into the sky.


It's freezing in London!!!!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 86: Hotdog

Still in Southampton. Was hungry, so I went
to a hotdog stall.

The owner asked whether I was a film star
cause he felt the charisma.

Told him that I'm not, but I was sorta
in the film industry though.

He then looked up to the sky and
said 'And how would I know that?'
Stated like a point, not a question.

He then said to me,
"I pray that in 10 years, you'll
become a successful director,
telling stories about the battle
of good and evil. You will bring
good message through Him. Maybe
not now, but in 10 years. I'll
pray for you."

I felt an amazing overwhelm feeling.

I needed those words.

I needed those encouragement.

I paid the man and walked away
with my hotdog.

That was the best hotdog I ever
tasted in my entire life.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 85: South Hampton

Will be staying in South Hampton for a week.

Love it here.

Weather's a little cold though compared to London.

But London is super dirty. The air is damn polluted.
How can you tell? Stick yr finger into yr nose and
you'll be surprise what you'll find :P

Did some draft comic strips. Will try to pencil
them tonight. Hopefully ink them.

Took a train to Portsmouth for some shopping.

Sitting quietly alone for an hour in a train
helps me think. Reflect on things.

I'm at a critical moment in my life now.

Some decisions have to be made.

I remembered 2 years ago when
I was here, I did alot of thinking too.

It's funny whenever I'm in London,
there is always a weight that I'm

Let's hope in the future,
for my third trip back here,
I'll come with a lighter baggage.

I'll try and return home
without the baggage.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 84: London

Hey guys.

I'm in London.

Love the city.

Will be heading to Brussels soon.

Yep, the place where I got inspired to work
on I See So Many Butterflies.

Let's hope the comic store I went last time
would want to carry my books.

Been doing random drawings.

No scanner though. Will try to find one.

Till then.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 83: Working during holiday

Am still working even though am away.

Will keep on.


I guess.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 82: Out for a trip

I'm out for a trip.

Will be back soon.

Keep you posted.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 81: Cold water

We all get cold sometimes.

And we need hugs from one another
to keep us warm again.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 80: Warm water

When yr cold, you need warm.

After when yr warmed, you'll need a little cold
to build up wanting the warm again.

Such cycles.


Day 79: Hill not Mountain

I can be quite a blur at times.

Yet- with my intuition, I can also be
quite attentive when it comes to some
certain things.

Especially when I'm at my director chair.

So-yeah, I'm weird.

But my paranoia can be my best weapon.

And-yet I know, it damages me too.

That's how you can be safe,

but it comes with a price.


This is the third Public Bank branch that I've went that has ran out of traveller's cheque!!!!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 73: Artist Friend

Perfect timing. Met a new friend today.

An artist friend.

Encouraged me to continue striving.

He told me his struggles.

Made mine seems minimal.

So here:


Getting my endorphins flowing..

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 72: Video Shoot

Had a small shoot today involves me carrying a camera
around and interviewing people.

Good fast project.

These are the times you'll need projects like this
to keep the artist dream alive.

What artist, heck, haven't lay a stroke at my book
for weeks now.

I'm lazy. Emo. Rather work on dateline projects.
That pays. Need the money. Planning to move out
of the country end of the year.

All about money. I need the money. I need to move
up the ladder. Sick and tired been the 'poor' artist.
Sick and tired of been looked as a loafer.
Sick and tired not able to provide.

I feel ashamed of my car these days.
My dying car.

I'm tired of looking at my bank account all the time.

I'm hitting 30.

I'm tired of not caring what other people think.

Deep down I care.

I used to don't care.

Now I do.

I miss my old self sometimes.

Not caring. It feels much easier.

But everyone else cares.

And I can't ignore them.

I used to do a pretty darn good job
ignoring what other people think.

I guess when yr age hits you,
your shield tends to weaken.

FYI, I'm ready to be sell out now.

(I guess..)


Yep, I've got no art to show you today.
Cause I haven't done any.

I love holding my Windsor Newton brush.
I love how it brings me away on the drawing
board. I love it. Yet I hate it. It depresses
me knowing every stroke I make pays back so

Did I mentioned I dropped high paying production
job just to do art?
Yeah-I did. I fuckin did.
Regrets? Yeah, a little.
But if given a second chance, I'll still make
the same decision.

Why? Cause I'm a stupid. And a masochist.
I love art, yet I'm not doin it.

A kid came to the bookstore today, bought my book,
and asked them whether I was available to sign it.
I was there. I signed it. It was flattering.
I could swear I saw his face glow. Like how
I would glow if I met my idol. But I hate to
throw the truth to him. I'm not doing so well.
Maybe I am, in terms of recognition. That also barely.
But I'm broke. I love being broke. It helps me
to strive. But-God how many times I can say it?
How many times?


Last thing I told him, who he told me he enjoyed
writing, is to just write. That's what I would
tell myself when i was his age, just do it.

I did it. And now I'm here.

Now what?


Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 71: Recapping..

Reading Butterflies today.

Trying to get back with the flow.

Yeah-i know. My excuse for today
of not working on it.

Yeah-i know.



Friday, October 08, 2010

Day 68: Sleeping Hours

My sleeping hours have been flipped.

Flipping it back is the challenge.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Day 67: Comments

Thanks long time 30dayartist Verna Vogel for coming
back to the site.

Your comments reminded me of how important they
are to an artist.



Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Day 66: So hard

I know, I supposed to get back to Butterflies.

Been feeling under the weather lately.

Ughhh..... damn the weather.

Anyway, atleast got some commission work
that forces me to work.

But due to confidentiality of the project,
I shall not post the final artwork.

Instead just the thumbs and pencils.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Day 65: Preparation

preparing for the next phase.

Here I come!

Storms ahead though....


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day 63: Wedding

Sorry been really tied with lots of things.

Weddings and catching up with friends.

Will try to post tomorrow.


Friday, October 01, 2010