Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 85: South Hampton

Will be staying in South Hampton for a week.

Love it here.

Weather's a little cold though compared to London.

But London is super dirty. The air is damn polluted.
How can you tell? Stick yr finger into yr nose and
you'll be surprise what you'll find :P

Did some draft comic strips. Will try to pencil
them tonight. Hopefully ink them.

Took a train to Portsmouth for some shopping.

Sitting quietly alone for an hour in a train
helps me think. Reflect on things.

I'm at a critical moment in my life now.

Some decisions have to be made.

I remembered 2 years ago when
I was here, I did alot of thinking too.

It's funny whenever I'm in London,
there is always a weight that I'm

Let's hope in the future,
for my third trip back here,
I'll come with a lighter baggage.

I'll try and return home
without the baggage.


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