Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 87: Broken wings

Was in a park at Camden waiting for a friend.
The park was in front of a church.

It was quiet. I was alone.

Sitting on the bench, feels like one of the
scene in I See So Many Butterflies.

A pigeon with a broken wing was hopping
around as it was avoiding passerby.

It look kinda cute when a couple was
walking, and it just kept hopping in
front of them, like their personal usher
for the park.

Then it stopped in front of me.
Looked at me. It stood there
for a couple of minutes.

I was writing, then got distracted.
Put my journal down. And looked
at the pigeon. Studying it, why's
it looking at me like that. Does
it want food?

And in a sudden, it flapped it wings
and flew infront of me and glide
gracefully into the sky.


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