Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 91: Brussels

Life is funny.

The last time I was in Brussels, I hadn't
started drawing comics for a long time.

Always loved doin comics. But never
got the hand of it.

Family wanted to come to Brussels.
I bet they didn't know that Brussels
was also known as a comic strip

People here workship comics.

Beeing in that one comic store changed
me, motivated me to work on my graphic novel.

And when I came back from the trip, I did.

I started I See So Many Butterflies Vol.1

So 2 years later, I decided to come back to
this city, hoping that comic store would
put my book on their shelves.

Before I reached that comic store, there
was another one before it, on the same

So I went in, and talked to a guy.
He was really friendly. And was even
surprised that he knew Frederik Peters
personally, the artist's book Blue Pills
was the very book I found 2 years ago
that inspired to work on mine.

The store guy was so supportive
he wanted to take quite a few of the
books I brought. But I told him
I couldn't give him all, cause I'm
targeting the store that was up
the street.

After that, I finally went back to
the store that I was at 2 years
ago. Talked to the lady owner,
she said that she wouldn't take it,
she didn't even look at them,
said that it's coming to Christmas
and that she had alot of books
coming in.

Felt disappointed.

But I still got the first store.

Guess life is very similar to this scenario.

Things you always wanted, you can never get.
The least thing you expect, you'll get.

So the question is; what you'll do,
who you want to invest.

Someone you always wanted, but don't give a shit.
someone you never knew, giving you all the shit.

Life is like that.

I love this city.


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