Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 86: Hotdog

Still in Southampton. Was hungry, so I went
to a hotdog stall.

The owner asked whether I was a film star
cause he felt the charisma.

Told him that I'm not, but I was sorta
in the film industry though.

He then looked up to the sky and
said 'And how would I know that?'
Stated like a point, not a question.

He then said to me,
"I pray that in 10 years, you'll
become a successful director,
telling stories about the battle
of good and evil. You will bring
good message through Him. Maybe
not now, but in 10 years. I'll
pray for you."

I felt an amazing overwhelm feeling.

I needed those words.

I needed those encouragement.

I paid the man and walked away
with my hotdog.

That was the best hotdog I ever
tasted in my entire life.


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