Monday, November 13, 2006

Diari Seorang Lelaki (heh, how ironic..)

Diari Seorang Lelaki - Pretty Ugly (2006)

Dari semalam kutunggu
Fikir kau pulang ke pangkuanku
Kudengarkan lagu cinta
Pilihan terbaik kita

Kumainkan CD berulang
Lupakan segala ucapan
Perpisahan yang kau pinta

Benar dikau kucinta
Setiap detik kupuja
Kau sering perhatiku
Sambil belai rambutmu
Tak ingin aku lupa
Kenangan yang tercipta
Berikan aku diari kutulis setiap hari

Terjaga dari tidurku
Terima panggilan dari jauh
Katakan saja kau rindu
Setahun kuhilang arah
Kutempahkan tiket sehala
Malam ini kitakan bertemu
Tunggu dibawah lampu

Bercinta bersatu
Bagai Adam dan Hawa
Bergaduh seksa buat kita sempurna
Janganlah dipendam luahkan perasaan
Tiada benci dihati itulah destinasi

As translated to English by me,
back when i was studying the song.
not responsible for non-acuracy. :)

From yesterday night i waited
Thinking that you would come to me
I listened to love songs
of our favourite choices

I played the CD over and over again
Hoping to forget all those words
of breaking up that you wanted

Did i really loved you
of the every moment that i had workshipped
You always look at me
as i brushes your hair
I wish not to forget
those memories that had been created
Give me a diary and i'll write it everyday.

I woke up from my sleep
Receiving a long distance call from you
saying that you miss me
For a year, i've lost my way
I'll buy a one-way ticket
and tonight, we shall meet
Wait under the streetlights

Being in love, Being as One
Like Adam and Eve
Arguing and fighting make us better
Don't supress your feelings and express it out
No hatred in our hearts and that is our destination.

My concept:
(directed according of my interpreting
of the original lyrics)

a guy who still can't get
over his ex after a year.
lives alone in the forest.
middle of nowhere. with a sofa.
old tv. and a diary.
as he writes down everyday of his pain,
he imagines himself in the tv,
doin a duet with him of the song.
and then friends popped-out
of nowhere to jam with him.
his imagination and depression
goes extreme when he imagines his
ex-calling him to reunite.
then sees her appearing out
of nowhere. then kids. singing
along with him.

it ends with, him being alone again.
with the diary. and no one else.
and tv switches off itself.


note:i added the comic-bubbles as requested
by my boss who was afraid that some audience
couldn't understand my concept
and hoping that the comic-bubble could give a hint
to them.

i agree.

i couldn't either.
not right after i finished it.

the force? or my craziness is topping?