Saturday, April 24, 2010

was cleaning my room then i realized i've got so many pending things:

01. Tons of unwatched DVDS.
02. Tons of unwatched downloaded movies + series.
03. Tons of unread books
04. Tons of unopened toys and models

My room is quite a messed with tons of stuff I bought
hoping to entertain myself. I'm buying more than
I could consume. Shall stop myself from buying

Shall start saving money from today onwards.


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i wish there was a way to backup all my photos from Facebook into my harddrive.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Really enjoyed watching Ah Niu's Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Here's my take of it:

Oh my. Putting aside the art house movies that we
have locally produced, Ice Kacang Puppy Love is the
most decent local mainstream movie I've ever seen.
(Tiger Woohoo to me was crap.)

Pretty strong cast. Starring many famous names
of the Chinese industry who has made big names
in overseas market.

Good move of Ah Niu making a movie like this.

A very good move.

This movie also reminds me that Ah Niu's generation
of people; Fish Leong, Gary Chow, Victor Wong, and the
super big-time international award winning actress;
Angelica Lee, had the most batch of successful careers
that really make it big out there.

I'm so glad that Angelica Yee had the faith to takeup
this local movie project. But I guess it's only Ah Niu's
reputation that gave her the confidence. I doubt
anyone else she'll even consider.

There are more big names in the movie that I'm not
sure what they are called in English. I wished
the movie's official website had an English version.

The lady that played Angelica Yee's mom, used to
be a very big-time actress for the local Chinese
dramas in the late 90s. She had a very promising
career. I remember watching her when I was a kid,
I thought to myself, damn she's gonna make it big.
Till the fall of HVD, like most Chinese then,
she disappeared.

The guy that played Angelica Yee's dad was a
very big time singer/actor in the 90s who
made it very big in Hong Kong.

If Michelle Yeoh was in it, this movie pretty much
covers the complete list of Malaysian Chinese
'international' stars.

Walking out of the cinema with my mom,
she suddenly said to me;
"You know son, actually alot of Malaysian Chinese
have talent wan. They just lack of the opportunities here."
I wonders that is her encouragement and hope directly
to me.

Is it hard?

Most of them in that movie only made it when they
go overseas. Is that the only move for us Chinese Malaysians?

Eventhough the script wasn't that great,
but I still feel Ah Niu's directing was pretty decent
and had a very good standard for mainstream movies.

Frankly, I didn't feel this movie was much a 'local'
produced movie, rather it has an international standard
that I feel can easily be slotted in the Asian film market.

I think Jack Neo's movies feel more 'locally' made
compared to this.

This is how decent I feel Ice Kacang Puppy Love was.

I think everyone should go see it.
Especially Chinese Malaysian.



p/s: i apologize again for my bad grammar.
(I'm Chinese mah.. ;)

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Maybe if I learn Chinese I might get more opportunities.

How Ah Niu's Ice Kacang Puppy Love made me feel:

Ah Niu's Ice Kacang Puppy Love is a pretty decent local movie. I think the BEST decent local movie I've ever seen.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Damn! It looks bloody yummy man! Somebody please make this! Don't mind paying dearly for it,

Guinness Chocolate Pudding?!?! I swear who ever makes this for me, I'll marry them. No question ask.

Everywhere I look food bloggers are preparing celebratory dishes for St. Patrick's day in the same way, with Guinness!

While I claim to love everything, (it's a growing problem) I have to say that extra dark stout beers are not high on the list.  The last dark beer I tried was on the aforementioned (previous post) Scotland trip, and I didn't even drink half of what was given to me. It was good, but so filling! Afterward, I felt like I had eaten a large, yeasty piece of bread. My husband on the other hand, likes them just fine.  When I saw this recipe for chocolate pudding made with Guinness I knew it would be something we both could appreciate.

The recipe comes from  There's a nice little write-up from the chef who concocted it and dubbed it "Chocolate Guinness Goodness".  You'll find it here under "editor's note".

The finished dessert mimics a frothy pint of stout.  Using a 70-ish% dark chocolate will yield the nicest dark stout appearance. I'm not quite sure if my chocolate had the right percentage of cacao.  I had several unmarked blocks in my stash so I just used what looked darkest.

I like the ease and simplicity of this recipe. The main players are the usual: egg yolks, sugar and cream.

The cream and stout are cooked together in a sauce pan until slightly bubbly, but not boiling.

The chopped dark chocolate is then added to the hot cream and stout mixture.  I added a little dark cocoa powder for extra color and also because I wasn't sure if my chocolate was dark enough. I think both color and flavor turned out really nice!

One thing that I altered slightly was the topping (or "froth") that consists of freshly whipped cream and a Guinness reduction.  For me, leaving this component unsweetened was really off-putting.  It had a yeasty, flat taste that I just couldn't get off my tongue.  I added 3 tablespoons of sugar and it became much more harmonious with the sweetened chocolate pudding. The topping is definitely the most Guinness-like tasting portion of this dessert.  If you are serving this to little ones, you may want to make a plain vanilla topping and forgo the Guinness reduction completely.

The Guinness reduction is really quite beautiful to look at.  After about 20 minutes of simmering, the stout becomes a rich amber color and a little syrupy in consistency. 

To me, the chocolate pudding portion tastes much like a brownie.  It's strange, the Guinness adds a certain something.... something I cannot adequately explain.  I would never know I was having stout with my pudding, if it were not for the cream topping.  

This recipe is certainly a keeper.  My picky husband likes it and I'm sure that those passionate about stouts will love it too.

Before I close, there are a couple fun things going on that may interest you:

Shelly, author of Cookies and Cups is hosting a great giveaway. You can find specifics HERE.  LeCreuset bakeware?  Yes please!

Heidi at The DeCoursey Project has a Mystery Box giveaway HERE!  How fun is that?  And how intriguing!

I think Guinness just got a little higher on my "love" list.  However, at the top of the list is my favorite Black-and-Tan...

...who couldn't be bothered to lift his head for a photograph!  He had this comment: "zzzzzzzzzzzzz".

Your Pal,

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Guinness Chocolate Pudding

Guinness Chocolate Pudding

Adapted from the recipe "Chocolate Guinness Goodness" from ...

See Guinness Chocolate Pudding on Key Ingredient.

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just saw the first ep of the new BBC's Doctor Who. quite quirky! Awesome for kids! I bet if the script was submitted to local channels they will go, "why so many talking and flashback wan?"

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

oh-wait the entire IMDB.COM is down! how will i ever survive without you...HOW?!?!?

imdb forum down?!?!

Check out Oliver Jeffers cool video; explains how he make his awesome picture books!

Check out an email I got from a con man:

i am Mr Jonathan From Canada i am really interested in buying the>
item from you but i want to send it to my client new store in west
 Africa Nigeria i supposed to come down to your country for the pick
 up but due to my work i am working in oil company in Canada and i have
 no time so i want you to know i will be glad if you can help me ship
 the item to my Client in Nigeria and i am willing to know to know the
total cost of the item from you and the postage through EMS speed post
 or DHL and as well payment will be made through bank to Bank Money
transfer direct payment into your bank Account so i want you to
 get back to me with your Full Bank Details so that i can ready ready for the
 payment thanks i will be glad if you can kindly get back to me as soon
 as possible

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was smoking a pack of cigarettes given by a dear friend. Guess quitting plan failed.

finished all the the inkings. Pretty satisfied. Shall rest now and ink them tomorrow. What a long day it has been.

feels Madmen is pretty good. Any agency friends watching it?

3 more to ink. Should i max it out? Usually if i do, the inking will suck. Shall go take a break first. Don't wanna spoil the good pencils.

i was a big fan of the old Weezer. Didn't like their comeback. But I admire their persistence till now. Will give Raditude a chance.

to the drawing board. 11 illustrations to ink tonight. Hello Bijou cupcake. Let's see how good you reputable are.

these rippers are comedic. they named their latest-download Lost episode "FOUND"! hahaha!

so that means I can't say what I want lar in FB? damn.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

my influences are Paul Pope, Alex Pardee and Toby Cypress. I know there's no resemblance. But I am trying to make my brush as dirty and gritty as them.

my influences are Paul Pope, Alex Pardee and Toby Cypress. I know there's no resemblance. But I am trying to make my brush as dirty and gritty as them.

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Just watch Yu Hang's At The End of Daybreak. Well I gotto say, I'm impressed! Very good local film! Good pacing, acting, cinematography and scripting! Too bad tomorrow last day showing at GSC Midvalley. Too bad...

Just watch Yu Hang's At The End of Daybreak. Well I gotto say, I'm impressed! Very good local film! Good pacing, acting, cinematography and scripting! Too bad tomorrow last day showing at GSC Midvalley. Too bad...

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