Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Writing for blogs

If any of you Have any comments on writing on blogs, please leave them here, we'll be trully greatful!

if you're reading this, your an expert on the subject, because you read blogs, so please let us know.

Off the top of my head here are my suggestions.
Let me title it

A rough guide to writing for Blogs:

Keep it short and sweet. Stay within the topic. Use new post for new topic. Rant intensly, but keep it short. And try not to repeat yourself, like me here, and don't over explain, like how i' doing now..exactly this..don't do it.

and leave room for discussion.

I've a couple more but i'll save them for now.(example of room for discussion)(example of over explaining)


Sunday, April 16, 2006


dear fellow art mates,

they have reviewed us.

and we are happy.

go read!




Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Revolution! 30day artist World Tour!

all ex-30day artist from around the world
has gathered at the very spot where it all
first began. "at first, there was only light."
and they are ready to go!

every episode documents their tour from one
region to another region of every single 30day artist
of where they did their run.

back tracking from the first to the current one.
each episode covers the insides of that particular
30day artist, country, art scene, views of life,

while they are at the particular region, they will
organize a show, actually, its more like a fest.
with bands, deejays, artfilm screenings and most
importantly, the works of all the 30day artist.

TV viewers will learn different cultures and believes.

and many people will come to the show!
many would want to signup to be the next 30 day artist!

and more 30day artists will travel from their region
to another 30day artist's region just to learn
cultures and seek the truth path of life.

religions and cultures will respect one another.

the world will be free from war and poverty.

this tour will unite the world,

into One.


p/s:all expenses will be sponsored by greedy-fat-rich corporations.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

isn't life great?

Dear all,

a very good day!

it feels like only yesterday when
i quit my job and stepped into the
room to paint the 40 canvas.

and now, its artist no.7.

another 4 months, its 1 year.

1 year anniversary of 30dayartist.

i've send in my application to be
artist August'06.

on, 26th of March, part of my dreams
came true. i directed my first mtv.

pix 01
pix 02

you people see the whole point of
becoming 30day artist?

next plan, date the nice girl at Sony Damansara
and buy the 7k plasma TV and spend our days
watching it.

isn't life great?