Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Writing for blogs

If any of you Have any comments on writing on blogs, please leave them here, we'll be trully greatful!

if you're reading this, your an expert on the subject, because you read blogs, so please let us know.

Off the top of my head here are my suggestions.
Let me title it

A rough guide to writing for Blogs:

Keep it short and sweet. Stay within the topic. Use new post for new topic. Rant intensly, but keep it short. And try not to repeat yourself, like me here, and don't over explain, like how i' doing now..exactly this..don't do it.

and leave room for discussion.

I've a couple more but i'll save them for now.(example of room for discussion)(example of over explaining)



chinyew said...

i think writing blogs are just
simply similar to writing
anything. column, novel, essay, script, etc.

and each individual has its
own writing style.

short. long. punchy. detail
ellaborations. etc.


p/s: i personally like punchy sentences.

ming said...

"colund, novel, script,etc."



there's style.

and there is convention.

let's discuss to conventions of Blogs. Not the others.

To have a discussion, we need frames of referance.

"know the rules, then break them"

um..what are the rules?

do we write to express ourselves?

or to express ourselves to someone?

Coco said...

I use blog to keep my diary really.

C x

Coco said...

Talking about other people's blog,

I cannot stand attention seekers, when someone is overly obsessed with their own image, like posting a photo of themselves in skimpy cloth with provocative body language. It is like attaching photos on your CV when you appry for a job. Are they trying to sell their sex or their talent/art or what on the blog.

Well, im just rambling.
C x

chinyew said...

i think the secret to writing
is always to keep in mind of
not so much of focusing of the readers.

writing for ourselves or writing
for them?

don't get me wrong, readers are
our no.1 client.

but i believe, if the focus is on our true feelings and expressing it would come naturally and much more stronger, and therefore, good writing.

and ofcourse we need to have an artist companion to be our test pigs to read our stuff.

don't you think?


p/s:most famouse writers are very self-obsessive.

Coco said...

I just thought to post this. The best blogger of MSN Japan was a "baker's daily receipe note". it was like a diary, as well as a receipe book ever growing. Everyday, She just posted and posetd ingredients of the bread she baked daily, with some review on the bread and one or two photo of the bread. It was very informative and at the same time, great fun to read. I could see that she was just enjoying baking everyday.

C x

Coco said...

Another thing I like to mention is that,

To pay attention to the detail of what you are writing about. Whether it is about your feeling towards ex-lover or daily art making.

This does not mean to disclose great deal about personal information about you. Its all about being descriptive about the topic, so that readers can visualise it.

Although you are using blog for very personal reasons, like above example, dairy receipe, being descriptive always help you later, when you recall something you did.

C x

ming said...


great link.

on this topic

ming said...


another great link, that will help you write better for blogs!

Anonymous said...

detail, yeah.
coco's right, detail helps you remember stuff later.
keeps things accurate.
the mind tends to distort things over time - events shift and turn, bits are forgotten...
detail now is important for later.