Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rain havoc with GBS!

Nora and Diana sings! (for Sarah)

GBS sings together in the last road trip together. *SOB*

GBS singing in the rain!


Fendi shuffles on street.

Fendi shuffles on street.

thanks so much again to the awesome @val3ne for getting me the MTV World Stage tix! You will always be my fav KLUE crew!

technical problem at #worldstagemy come on, we're soaking here! (hello Sarah!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

one of my fingers from my right hand still hurts from today's basketball game. worried that i can't draw this coming August for my 6th run of

leaving bangsar now. The road better not me jam. Have already wasted so much petrol!

oh-man, after a quarter pounder, fries and sprite, I'm feeling really sick now. all the exercise today have gone to waste! grr..i blame it on the jam!

Ah-feddup! Stopping at Mcdees to wait for the traffic to clear. Can't believe i'm sayin this at 11pm!

Grrr...thought turning to bangsar then cross through Mid valley would be better, but it's not! What's happening at this hour?!? Why so jam?

what's with this crazy jam at pj federal highway lately? It's bloody 10pm!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

have plans to move to London and start my art and film production career all over again. Anyone got any infos+accommodation+contacts to share?

My Harvey Pekar eulogy.

I first read his works at the Negative Burn anthologies.
It was a strip illustrated by Joe Sacco of him peeling tangerines.
I was amazed at how that silent pacing and simplicity of that strip
could give me that very strange tingle like when you get after finish
reading a whole-thick graphic novel. And I had no idea why in the world
you needed 2 person to do that 1-simple strip. After a couple of
alternative anthologies later, seeing his name always popping up,
I began to understand what this Harvey Pekar wave was about.
Like I was picking every little clue here and there subconsciously
and slowly building up a conscious idea of who Harvey Pekar was.

Then I was already doing autobiography comics and when I discovered
about Harvey Pekar, I realized that most of the artist out there shares
the same background and attitude towards life. I was a little shock at
how archetypal we artist were and no longer believe that I was special
among my peers. I learned that there is always a ''Harvey Pekar' among
the crowd somewhere out there.

But never one like him again that could glorified it out so well.

Ahh..that tangerine strip.


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