Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 01

just in a blink of an eye,
it's a year already?

my, time does flies.

total of 80 paintings,
150 pages of comics,
and still counting.

90 days.

90 days of making art!

i can proudly say to myself;
i've consecutively contributed my 90 days of life
into art.

i like doing this annually.

a once a year thingy.

it helps me to think;

flushing everything out with the creative force.
like a nice cold shower.
cleansing all the dirt.

it feels good to be back.

have not been blogging for almost a year now.

typing this post, reminds me the benefits of blogging.
the ranting. the expression. the sharing.

great things are happening in August.
many pleasant things.
life changing events.

once again, i'm jobless again.
on the optimistic side; perfect timing
for me to focus of completing the 30dayartist.

last year, i juggled with a permanent job,
it felt quite different.

compared to the first 2 runs when i didn't had a job,
making art in that 30 days; was the job.
i have to sincerely admit, it's much more fun that way.
letting everything go/putting everything aside;
and completely diving in, to commit yrself in doin art in that
just 30 days if your life,
feels really much more---- sensational!

how i wish i could still do that.

as i progress in life, commitments and responsibility applies.
bills to pay, job dedication, reputation, and career advancement.

the full 30-days diving only applies to those who had wished
to do art, but never had the chance or courage to do so.

30dayartist is like your last chance to discover
the creative force inside you.

i still believe everyone has it.
and anyone can paint.
painting is simply like typing;
some writes very well with proper structure and
crafty words, there are also some who writes
in bad grammar, spelling, dull sentences,
but still the writer feels a 'clearing'
after writing a blog.
from a 30-year old garbage man,
to a naive 10-year old boy,
or a 50-year old house wife,
to a 60-year old business tycoon.

expressing helps.

and i feel art is still the best expressive method
for everyone.

every little soul in this world, wants to be heard.

and i'm really glad some of you now at this present state,
are really listening.

and the most amazing thing is; i haven't even voice-out a single
word of the entire half hour while i was typing this post,
and-yet it still feels like a relief to me.

and this made me understood 3 years ago,
that sometimes just of us making art is already
a good enough relief.

and ofcourse having an acknowledgement that you
have heard;like comments, can be a bonus too.

but i stress on the theory that;
making art is best when the art is made for
the artist himself first before catering it to other people.

we have to learn how to love ourselves first,
before we learn how to love other people.

some might feel that this sounds abit selfish.
but it is when you feel good about yrself,
and with this overwhelmed feeling that you have,
that could inspire you to share your goodness
with everyone surrounding you.

and i've discovered all these feeling during
my run as a 30dayartist.

so you can understand, why every Augusts,
i look forward of coming back here;
to express myself with words and art;
and most of all, to help myself,
to be an artist again.

it's been a great 3 years and i hope
more people would come and give this a try
and to discover the little artist that is hidden
within themselves.

with this, in celebration of 3 years Anniversary,
I present you this year's anniversary video:

I've just completed 6 pages of my continuation to
'I See So Many Butterflies', which i started last year.

but now, i'm in the state of where my brain is almost dead,
and I shall save all the pages for you, tomorrow.

Godspeed and i hope everyone well.

"i'm not even sure i'm making sense at all in this post.
i'm sorry if i have rant pointlessly or pretentiously
that could have wasted your time."