Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 30

Updated: Do You Know Day 16
has some weirdness in it?
Stare at the devil and you'll
notice something.

Dear all,

it is finished.

Please click on the FINALE
button up there first to view the
final work before reading the
following words:

what is the Boy who Loved Clouds
is about?

its about winning, then losing,
then winning again. finally,
we learn that it doesn't matter.
its about karma. its about Faith.
its about power of thoughts.
its about love. its about powers.
its about good and evil.

finally, its about hopes and dreams.
the rainbow connection!

i'll be sending the book to
local publisher to see anyone
interested to print it.

will be sending emails to galleries
hopin to get a show.

i've made it.

ups and downs.

40 paintings in 30days!

hooray! again!

if you've finished reading
the Boy who Loved Clouds,
i would like to thank you.
did you miss the song?
you probably didn't turn
on yr speakers.

sorry, for the bad sentences,
grammar and spelling. i rush
that out in 2 days.

i have no intention of
painting a story sequence when
i started my this year's run.

i didn't even see myself doin
the run all over again.

but life is weird.
you'll never know.

a week before i started
my run, i was in a bookshop.
i found a book on haiku.
i was fascinated of how
3 sentence poem could
create so much depth.

so, i had the idea of
naming my paintings in

the first painting was
randomly painted.
even random haikus.
second day was too.
then on the third, i saw
the flow of the first 2 days.
then i thought,
hey, why not? a story.

and i only had that.
a story. just a thought.
no plot. no drafts.
just random ideas
with a main reminder to
myself, that there will
be a story within these
paintings. and the haiku
are dialogues of the
characters in the painting.

i was havin fun. cause
i myself was lookin forward
of what was gonna happen next
within the paintings.

i didn't know what new
characters will be appearing.
i didn't know whether was
this story gonna turn out
positive. all i know, is
that i'll let the force do
its own work.

i'm merely a tool.
an executioner.
i execute the paintings.
the ideas just flows in.

i simply just believed that
i could. and on day one i told
myself, day 30 is juut a blink
of an eye.

and i blink.
and it was still day 1.

i remembered how days felt
like years. sometimes days
felt like seconds.

and now, i'm here.

to keep you less bored, i'll
show you some behind scenes.

first, the sketch book:

second, the space:



now, here are the important list
of people i would like to thank.

firstly, MR ???? i haven't got yr
name from my artist friend. thank you
so much for purchasing my last year's
painting. you gave me the confidence
and hope that they are actually people
out there that would buy my stuff.
and with the cash, i eventually
was able to finance myself painting

my brother, chinkeong, for loaning me
the whole room. and for believing
in my paintings.

my sister, voonchek, for loaning
her room to my brother.

mom, for the daily food support
and the interest of looking at my

dad, for not stopping me.

i-ming, for still stickin
up with my negativism and maintaining
well of

andrik for the camera.
and occasion visits.

keeli for the camera that's
without a card.

friends who commented.

people who commented.

the 30 mysterious daily visitor.

cziplee and nanyang penang for
the special discounted art materials.

my final words to all of you,
and please please do remember all time,

love and hope prevails.

(i think)

now, wish me luck in my
film production career.

till then.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 29

don't worry. its just a parody.

anyway, here's the last painting:


nah, just fuckin around with ya.
still savin the last one for
tomorrow's special surprise!

here's a shoe story.
i needed a new pair of shoes.
i wore the old pair for almost 7years.
i had problem finding a new pair that i fancy.
so, one time i was land faraway.
saw a pair that i thought was pretty ok.
size 8half was my size. but it felt pretty tight,
so i bought size 9 instead. and it was
pretty cheap buying especially from this
land faraway from my own.

came back. it felt loose.
been trying to find people to
buy my this new pair of shoes
that doesn't fit.

mom even say, "why you go buy
a same pair of shoes?"

then i only realize i bought
back a similar design to my old shoes.

there's lessons to learn everywhere
of our daily action.

i've learned more of myself in this shoe scenario.

anyway, just finished compiling/producing
my dvd reel which i'll be sending them
out once i'm done here.

and heres another story of findin jobs.
saw an ad of job vacancy selling cds.
thought of one of my bestfriend who was lookin
for a job. gave him the tel no. he got the job.
on his first day, he found a job application
form, surprisingly filled up by a person
who shares the same name as mine. my best
friend curiously took down his name and
contact no. and gave it to me. the dude's
address was "Jalan Sahabat" * Goodfriends Road.
curious of how this dude is similar to me
besides the name, i called him pretending
to be a job hirer. his 30+ no education
qualification. has problem lookin for a job.

ironically, then, i was at my mist of decidin to
quit my previous job.

wish me luck of getting a new job soon.

for those who have been stickin around
long enough to know me and what
type of job i'm looking for, and
if you got/know one, do let me know.

check out the packagin, man!
think i miss my black and white

now, where did i leave them...

anyway, i'll give you more
clues of tomorrow's post/painting.

the clues,
are in today's post and song.


till tomorrow,

for the grand finale!


p/s:think i'm getting a fever....

Appleseed Cast - A Dream of Us
cause what i feel inside
i dont want to hide
it's you that got to me
its what i want to sing
cause i've got a dream for us
running through my mind
sitting on the beach
looking at the sea
and we're old and tired
and time has made us smile
as we go on counting things
people in the breeze
we're not the only ones
there's hundreds on the shore
looking at the sea
but it's just you and me
if the day never comes
i sink beneath the tide
will you still be with me
or disappear?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Day 28

*Updated more designs of the tees.

this mag will be publish soon.
i wish.

yesterday, i look everywhere
for the piece of paper
where i wrote down the
name of that particular

weirdly, this mornin
when i woke up,
the piece of paper
was just outside
my room, on the floor.

weird, huh?

is like asthough there's
some invisible beings helpin
me. anyway, the designer's
name is Genevieve Gauckler.

see how similar the design
is to the character i was
given to animate.
Malaysia mah. copy here
then copy there. everybody happy.

anyway, for today just so
you all won't get too bored of
my ramblings, here's some t-shirts
i and my brother planning to
print. due to lack of funds we
could only afford to print round
5 designs.

we would really appreciate it,
if you all could help us pick
yr fav 5.

just enter the no. in the comment box.

and here are they:

please help.

if the plan goes well,
we'll give away some tees to the
one who helped us today.

pls leave yr email for
future references.



Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 27


a week before i resigned, i was given
a task to produce a commercial. i was
asked to find a director. i looked
at the storyboard and thought to myself,
i can do this.

this opportunity i felt, was meant for me.
the animation was simple. i know animation.
hours of episodes of anime finally gonna pay-off.
the shots were easy. besides, its a local client.
what better commercial to start off with for a
young new director like me?

it was perfect. it was for me.

and so, with my greatest confidence(which i rarely have),
i proposed to my production head that
i could do it. i convinced him that i could
pull-off the animatics in just 2 days.

and he said,"go ahead."

and i did. i spent my weekend borrowing my friend's
DVcam and shot some footages. i didn't had a permit
to shoot, thus came the security guard who wanted to
confiscate my camera. i told him of my situation, and
beg him of mercy to spare my life.
he took pity on me and let me go.
went back home. cut it. animated it.
the next thing i know, it was already Monday morning.
just in time for work. i gave myself a good pat behind.

as i was driving to work. the mornin radio dj
was being a little irritating(or maybe i was just
grumpy due to no sleep.) by repeating the name of a
girl-group which i never heard of till then,
"pussy cat dolls. pussy cat dolls."

and i was like, "what the fuck? pussy cat---"
before i could finish grumbling the group's name,
a dead orange cat was already laying in the middle of
the road.

that was my first omen.

i reached the office. i showed my animatics
to my production head. he liked it, but..

"i'm sorry. the client is lookin for a more
experience director."

and that's life.

2nd part of the story.

then, i was asked to scan some storyboards because
no one else would do it.
i thought i've paid my dues of scanning for people
for the first 2 years of my career.
but still, i scan anyway. and with just the stroke of my
luck, the scanner was givin me problem. it turns off
by itself everytime i'm half scanning a page.

i moved to another pc. which has a scanner. but
without the driver files. i surf the web and downloaded
them. then, the files weren't workin properly.
it took me a few shouts and bangs of the keyboard
and assistant from my head to finally
configure the scanner.

as i struggle to keep myself awake,
i finally get to scan the pages smoothly.
and i'm sure most of you do know how boring
scanning can be. you get pretty restless
as the scanner do its thing.

and to ease my frustrating mind,
i sang my all-time-favourite song which
i made up back in my scanning days. a song
with the tune of Lou Reed's Perfect day.

"i'm a scanner boy. scanning my life away.
oh, i'm a scanner boy. scanning everyday.
but not today!" (i wish)

minutes felts like hours. as soon as i was done,
i quickly gave the files to my production head,
and told him that i need to go back and sleep.

as i left the office, i pray that i'll
never be given any scanning chores ever

while i was leaving, i saw a colleague of mine
reading a book. as usual, i get a little
busybody of what people reads, and so,
i asked to have a browse-through.

and the backcover of the book reads

"are you a scanner?".

my eyes widen. i flip to the front
cover of the book.

"what i want to do, when i want to do everything."

apparently, this book is about
people who has many talents in many
things and they are cursed to have a
greed of wanting to do everything.

aka. scanner.

one word. SyncroDestiny.
(but that sounds like 2.)


i'll leave the rest to yr imagination.


p/s:and sorry, no painting today.
but heres the animatics i did in
one fuckin day. hooray!

pls do note that i only did the
shots and animatics. due to lack
of time, i used my own voice
for the soundeffects. character
design is not by me. i repeat,
NOT BY ME. because i feel the design
is a ripoff from a reknown designer i
saw a couple years back. will update
you all when i remember who.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 26

How Life Can Turn
by Appleseed Cast

Out there in the yard now
playing with their dad
I’m amazed at how alike you are

See now the strangeness because
I feel so many things
all at once, it’s wonderful to see

The smiles are everywhere
the cold’s gone from the air
the sun shines as they play
my smile wont wipe away
They’re laughing at you
everything that you do
You open your arms to them
they run in to tackle you…

it’s so good to see you now
and times been good to you
it just so amazing
your smile is shining through
Amazing how life can turn
one day to the next you know
I’ll figure out where I am
and figure which way to go.

days does pass.
and time does change.
my, its day 26 already?
and one more painting to go.
which i'll be saving it
till day 30 along
with a special surprise.

so whats in for the comin days?
just wait and see.

till then.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 25

sigh. 5 more days.
comments are pretty cold lately, huh?
guess my work doesn't draw much to

well, i guess probably the hype has gone

but don't stop now, my friends!
the end is almost near.
spread the word!

anyway, was researching on Philosopher's Stone.
found a few pretty brain-trigging websites.
do check these sites out if you feel like
knowing things that could just fuck yr brain up.
i'm feeling quite scared to even share it now.
visit at yr own risk!

one advise to painters out there,
do not check out other people's artwork
if you are currently doin some artwork
movement like this. i feel a little
low-esteem after seeing some great work
out there. i feel all mine are crappy.
ugly. Amateur. wannabe.

i mean, look at this:

pretty good huh? nope, its not mine.
i wish it was.
its the album cover of Mogwai's latest
album, Mr Beast.
simple technique.
hardly any renderings.
is the composition, man.
and i feel my composition sucks.

it really could bring down yr work's
quality afterawhile feelin like this.
the oomph is lessen somehow.

after struggling for hours and hours,
layers after layers,
i'm able to come up with these:

hope its not too crappy for you all.

anyway, for today's song i dedicate
it to a friend who thinks he had
angels helping him yesterday.
its not important if he was right
or wrong. what's important is
that all of us should always have,
believe and faith.
and also an optimistic mind
towards whatever crisis befalls on us.

try atleast.

anyway, wanted to share this
song for awhile now but couldn't
find the perfect time.

guess, now is.

A Song For The Angels
by Great Lake Swimmers
Taken from the Album Bodies & Minds
(highly recommended spiritual album)

The echo to your yell
the ripple to your dive
the currents under your wave

flows through me
i send it out to you
we were charged
with the founding poles
of a million years
a million years
before us
have trembled in their fears

never saw you never heard you
but i knew that you where there
i could feel you all around me

i know that i am just a grain of sand
meeting water at the land
we could make our castles here
and sweep them all away

i know that i am just a drop of water
frozen into ice on the stormy earth
who gave us birth
over and over in cycles
lovely cycles

never saw you never heard you
but i knew that you were there
i could feel you all around me

never saw you never heard you
but i knew that you were there
i could feel you all around me

till then.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 24

hope is something very
dangerously to lose.

can you imagine a person
who doesn't have any hope?
how would he/she live their life?

life is a struggle.
why do we need love?
to make life less struggle.


today's painting i used
my one and only Daler-Rowney System 3 tube.

didn't know it smell so sweet.
seriously, i wanted to try and
taste it. to see whether was it
manufactured wrongly. it probably
taste like honey. but wouldn't
want to risk my tongue turnin
blue. don't think i'll ever want
to use it again. it just smells
too good. makes me hungry.
had problem concentrating while
the smell was hypnotizing me.

there you go, honey and stars!
this piece wouldn't go wrong, eh?
anyone interested to purchase it?
anyone interested to purchase anything