Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 24: No Sleep

Was at post house the entire day.
It was the final presentation
of the director to the clients
and agency.

All I do is just listen to their conversation.

Learning how the director converse.
Understanding the whole process
of commercial works.

Getting the agreement.

I find today was the most difficult part
of the whole process.

At the afternoon, they had time to go
for futsal. Everyone kept asking me
to play. But I wasn't prepared.

It's been years since I last kick
a ball. Ball always hit my face
and breaks my glasses. Paranoid.

But I guess I have to start picking
up again, because football seems
to be the subject that bonds
relationships among guys.

Went back home quite late.
Only had bout 2 hours to sleep
till I have to go out again.


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