Friday, March 04, 2011

Day 16: Double tired

Attached to this director is like
working 7 days in a week.

Not complaining. Think I need this boost.
Been slacking in KL for too long.
Is not that I wanted to, is just
there isn't anything for me there.

It's ridiculous recalling back those
days when I was still directing for TV,
as compared to now; the whole work process
is the same. Present the client with ideas,
discuss with them, fight with them, win some,
lose some, get my boss/producer's approval,
gain respect from the production team,
make sure everyone doesn't hate you,
shoot more than 8 hours a day,
entertain clients who visited the set,
hope it doesn't rain during shoot,
rush the scenes in a day,
wrap, party, offline, online, making
sure the editors are comfortable with
your working style, present to client
offline/online, revise the cut according to
client, argue with them, agree with them,
rush for delivery, transfer, deliver,
aired, next project.

It's all the same.

Except here, I'm dealing with giant
companies and international production team.

And get paid well for what I do.

The only slack thing is I don't get
to tell long format stories.

Hey-you can't win them all yeah?



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