Monday, March 07, 2011

Day 19: Live it

Tried today to wake up an hour earlier
to work out and do my running.

Success. But panting and sweating all
the way. Even when I'm in cab.
Not sure if it's healthy to immediately
shower after exercise.

Reached the post house and ordered
a cup of milk.


Had presentation at an ad agency today.
The branch in KL seems more classier
compared to the one in Jakarta.
Clients commented they like the drawings
on the board. Director introduced me.

Finished early today.
Went to a mall.
Tried some food.
Hawker food that reputed will give
foreigners diarrhea. Thought I finally
give it a try, cause they say once
you get it, your body will naturally
be immune to it. I breath in and prayed
before I had my first bite.
It tasted really good.
And it's so cheap! A bowl of mee only
cost me bout a price of a coke.
It's been 4 hours since, and I'm still
fine. Thank God.

Was feeling adventurous.
Been shield from Jakarta city by always
being indoor and cabs. So I decided to walk
the streets at night.

Interesting. Dirty. Makes you wonder
how people live in such condition,
and makes me feel so grateful
always in able to be inside an
air conditioned cab.

Took the cab home finally.
Drove pass the streets I just
walked really gave me a full 3-dimensional
feel of the city.

Reached home. Felt bloody tired.
But still I got more work to finish.

Got a board to fix.

And a very earlllllly meeting tomorrow.

Till tomorrow.


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