Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 34: Sunday

Haven't been to church for awhile now.
Been listening to sermons through my
Iphone everyday though.

Work was ok today.
Test shoot some scenes and rigs.

Spent most of my time researching
on internet of commercials.

My ambition is to tap into the
international market someday.

It is possible, especially when
you are in this industry.

Wish to live in an Europe country
someday. I'm still pretty much
in love with my last trip to London.
Miss Brussels. Miss my special friend.

She didn't call.
Had tons of FB wishes though.
But not her.

Guess she really have moved on
and having a good life now.
Maybe I should to.

My first birthday away from home.

Was feeling a little reluctant to
go home today knowing that I'll
be alone. But I wasn't. Friend's
father and girlfriend was home.
We had pizzas and watch a dvd.

It was fun and cozy.

Still, I miss home a little,
and that cozy small room in London.


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