Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 38: Amazing

Recce quite outskirt of Jakarta today.
Had time to watch Hereafter in the car
with director.

Pretty good movie.

I like Clint Eastwood's touch to a simple
story. Very moving.

Just watched Spike Jonze 'I'm here' last night.
Had a good touch too.

Good storytellers have the talent of creating
this touch. The journey is the same, is what
surrounds it makes the difference. Experience,
age, treatment, influences and many more
defines this journey. But it reaches to the
same core, of this touch it gives to the

I wonder what surrounds my journey and whether
will my touch be as great as the 2 directors.

Had a discussion with director about God, religion,
existential and death.

Talking to an atheist sometimes strengthens my
faith again. It reminds me the importance of
having God in my life. That everything happens
for a reason.

That moment, I remembered how chill-out I was
a year ago. How everything I did, I had great
faith and confidence. Even if I was to fail,
I would have believe it was meant to be.

What passed, I shall let it pass.
Who has done wrong, I shall forgive,
and believe that it was meant to be,
to remind me, every failure leads to
a greater success.

Suddenly I don't seem to hold the grudge
anymore, and felt a little lighter.

Movies impact me.

I learn from the lessons in stories.

At the end of the evening, I was offered
to be 2nd AD for a shoot.

Yes! My first break to strive and shine!

Working on a new board.

Till tomorrow.

Thank You.


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