Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 20: Pastries

Meetings after meetings today.
Over heard a conversation of the director
and the agency guys that Jakarta is flooded
with jobs, and not enough directors to
execute it.

You don't hear that at all back in KL.

Didn't have any proper meals the entire day.
Just pastries and cakes from meetings.

Slept in the car during jams.
Jams in Jakarta is crazy.
It took us 2 hours just to reach
a usual 20-minute drive.

After the final meeting, I walked
home cause it was pretty near.
Stroll around a mall and found
a second hand bookstore.
Similar to the ones in London,
where you'll randomly find
treasures of rare books.

Had dinner in a food court where
there was a teenage band performing.
Food was oily but tasty.
Gulp even the last drop of the soup.

Reached home, jumped on bed and slept.
Finally some deep sleep.

Shall begin Day 21.


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