Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 32: Research

Was researching the entire day
at director's house.

Mind constantly floating everywhere.
Recalling my last holiday at London.

Is Jakarta the city I truly want to
live in? If given choice, where would
I rather be?

I look at Jakarta as a stepping stone.

Always wanted to get out from the city
I grew up in. And now I'm here.

But I truly miss Europe.

I miss the culture.

I miss walking the streets.
Taking the tube.

It gets pretty depressing with your
heart longing for something that is
not at present but somewhere far away.

Finished work early.

Had some drinks with some friends.

Mind was still constantly away.

Not working tomorrow.
For the first time in Jakarta.

Now I'm worried, what am I to do?

Hate not working. Don't like the alone
time. I like my mind to be constantly
busy of something and not think of elsewhere
far away.



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