Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 25: Oppornunities

Woke up really early.
Only slept 2 hours.
Rushed to the director's house.

Met a french-australian DP today.
Studied how the way he worked.
He travels quite abit to various
countries and various big production

Heard of his name back in KL.

So glad to finally meet him.

Too bad on the day of this shoot,
I'll be back in KL to get my
work visa approved from the Indonesia

Director gave me the chance to direct
the kids at the audition today.
And I shot the audition with the
Canon 5d Mark2 camera.

I was given the opportunity to edit
the audition video for presentation
to the clients tomorrow.

It's amazing how I've been destined
to work with children.

Recalled when I was at the post production
yesterday, as I was listening to the director
talking to the online editor of technicality
issue to the project, how fortunate I was
to be exposed to graphic design and animation.
I always thought those knowledge I had was
useless, just layman's job.

Now training to be a director, knowing
all the terms and technicality helps so
much in the craft.

I have to constantly remind myself that
every current present situation is a lesson
for tomorrow.

Even in relationships. I see so clearly now
why the past had to occur in able to prepare
myself for the present-future relationships.

Till tomorrow, gotto get some sleep.

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