Thursday, March 03, 2011

Day 15: Tired

Been working the entire day on storyboard.

Guess it's good practice to sit down with
a director and craft out the board, knowing
what are the shots he want.

Was alone in the apartment. Cooked indomee.
Played with the cats. Watched BBC news.
I don't used to watch the news.
Now it has become a habit.

Didn't used to exercise either.
Now I run whenever I can.

Guess that's what all relationships do,
affect you in many ways, good and bad.

Came back home from director's house.
Found a place to stay just 2 houses
down his. But it's a little worn out.
Not a good place to stay for a year.
Or to bring guests home. ;)

Damn tired. Will work on the next
storyboard tomorrow.

Till then.

Am hungry, and dunno what to eat.


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