Sunday, March 06, 2011

Day 18: Migraines


Either too much coffee, or I spent
too much time on the computer and drawing.

Been drawing non-stop since I woke
up this morning.

Went to an awesome post production house
that was renovated to look like boutiques.
Very classy. Very good service too.
They make the best coffee.

Been drinking alot of coffee since I touched
down in Jakarta. Can't help it, everywhere
I go, there's people asking me whether I want
coffee. They are just so polite that it is
hard for me to say No.

Been cutting down on smoking.
Resist. Every 5 days probably 1 stick.
Considered a great improvement since in KL
I smoke almost half a pack a day.

The irony is that cigarettes in Jakarta is
bloody cheap.

But I gotto fight it. Could feel my body

Get dizzy easily. Could be the air here.

Tried running and swimming whenever I can.

Bloody tired now... gonna go sleep.

Till tomorrow.


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