Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 258: merry Xmas

as some of you must have noticed
that 30dayartist hasn't have any
artist since for the longest time.

to those who still revisit this site
religiously. (even i myself am not
clicking on it already.)

as for writing-blogging.

it's been a while.

reason being, my fear of mispelling,
bad grammar, bad typing, etc, etc.

the fear, which this site workships.

the fear of beginning.
the ending.
the result.

we all fear, yet we bravely tell
people that 'we are an artist.'

(even though it's only for the 30 days.)

i've fear to claim myself that since.

too many artist have, i won't say fail,
but have given up and fear.

it's not so much of the fear rather than
the giving up.

never give up.

cause once you do,

it's gone.

it's over.

you've lost it.

i haven't quite.

just taking a break by making money.

now i sell my talent.

that works for people,

not so much for myself these days,

but-what's important is that it serves
a purpose in serving people.

making sure people get what they should
get, the holy-all-holla-crap, the mystic of beauty.

i sell art.

we all sell.

it's the only matter of when your art is not
selling, what's next?

i chose this.
to be here.
to work.
to live.

i found work
and worked.

pays enough.
won't say large,
but liveable.

more liveable then i was back home.

but still home is home.

am good.

hope you all are well too.

i am still here to stay.

whoever still keen of giving this
process a kick, email me.

meanwhile, thank you to all past
30dayartists who had did it.

all big+small single posts from you,
i'm deeply eternity grateful for.

some made it, some fail.

but-so what?

bite me.

cheers and Merry Christmas!

(just in-case i don't see you,
have a happy new year too! :)

p/s: all files from the original site
are backup and in my safe keeping
of several hardisk copies.

i'm finding a way to upload them
for free.

and for those who just jump aboard,
i'll try my best to detail the entire thing
to you along the days.


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