Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"If you come to Indonesia you'll understand why; nobody gives a shit. it is just IS, and not whether what works better or doesn't, it's just 'time'. and the people here have too much of it. so even if you throw them the most awesome-ness treatment for them, is just IT. in a general rule, this applies to almost everything in Indonesia, "more about quantity rather than quality." so don't go waste your time thinking about it rather go spend more time writing stuff you think what works best for you!"


Astrid B. said...

this just means that you haven't been around the country that much :) still good luck tho.

chinyew said...

yeah, agree. it's hard to travel
when you have limited funds.

i swear the quote didn't come out
from my mouth (even though i do
agree partly)