Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 286:Speeding Life

Life moves so fast.

So many things have changed in the last 5 days:

1. I've went in-house with a Production House that
has helped me to extend my working visa.

2. I've moved out from my place,
and moved back into Uncle's.

Both concurrently happened at the same time!

Imagine how tired it was for me.

Since I gotten my own place,
I've bought so many things.
I came to Jakarta with only a bag,
and now I've 2 bags and 5 boxes of stuff.

Felt like a loser and shameful moving
back to my Uncle's place.

Kept apologizing for troubling him.
He told me that it's okay, that he understands,
and he had went through the same before.

That we are almost like family.

I could almost cry.

We had Guinness, and the next following day,
I started reporting to the production house.

Life is like that;

You'll have your downs,

and learned that it can never be ups all the time.

"It's what you are when you are down or up that defines what you are and will be."

I swore to myself from today onwards,
I'll forever remember those who
had stuck with me during my downs,
and forever grudge to those who had fled.

"I'll remember you when I'm up there."


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