Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 340

Do you have any idea how time flies?

I mean really.

Time really flies.

It is not a metaphor commonly muttered out.

It is a true fact.

I can be witness of it!


well, anyway...

It's been too long.

Meeting someone is difficult.

I mean really.

Getting to know an opposite who someone has characteristics
that fascinates you. It's all about that right? Having characteristics
that attracts people.

Not only affectionately, but also in professionally.

In my industry, I've to show my affection for my love
of the craft, the art of film making. and merely a craft
that tells story in the moving visual format.

 I love comics.

I miss comics.

But I make more money by using my talent
to sell commercials. Make money.

 It's all about surviving here in Jakarta.

It's all about making the best out of it.

All about enjoying life to the fullest.

Nobody suffers here.

It may seem they are, but I'm quite certain
after living in Indonesia, or Jakarta at least,
that people here strive to live, to have the
best in life of every possibility they can.

They can.

It does get tiring sometimes.

That is why, as I grow older I understand
what this means. Of finding characteristic
in that opposite that attracts you, in any

And you exchanging the intellectual subject
of whatever level, that somehow fascinates
both of you, you have found love.

And love is what the Beatles and John Lennon had
been talking about. Hell, the Bobs of Dylan and Marley
were geniuses who wrote songs about love.

And where it only matters.

Yet I deny not the truth, that when it comes
to craftsmanship skill that you possess,
love does exist too in that manner.

Love not only the sexually or beings type,
but the universally posses nature of caring
and wanting and longing and dreaming
and craving, that it exist in all beings.

Everyone wants it, we longs for it,
hell, we fuckin NEED it.

Jesus talks about love.

And I live here, always looking, wondering
and staring at a culture I newly discover,
I interprets of what i know, and let it blends
comfortably in my system,

I learn.

and learn.

and learn.

and learn.
and learn.




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