Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 344

Was in KL for a week.
All my trips are fantastic.

Met a new friend.
She's like an update version of all the
girls i've met.

She has the perfect criteria that I like.

But always the question goes back to
whether are my criteria fits them.

our geographical and future timeline are
quite different and far apart.

we know what we want.

the cards are clear.

aftermath of Bersih 3.0 was still rippling
when I was in KL.

sigh, my country has been broken into
2 sets of mind.

hopefully the breaking doesn't get much worse.

some of us just don't realize how wonderful Malaysia
is as compared to many countries.

i wish we could get ourselves together before anything gets

mom's TV is broken. told her it was a good sign for
her to realize she has so much more time to do other
things as compared to just spent the entire day on a couch
watching TV.

watched Avengers in the cinema. it was fantastic!

felt like a kid again.

signed the scholarship papers.

can't wait for NY to happen.

at the same time, nervous and stress out
with so many preparation.

now let's hope i make more money till then...


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