Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 11: Shoot

My first ever shoot in Jakarta.

Only slept 3 hours. Had lots of coffee.
Surprisingly I could stay awake throughout
the shoot. Was constantly refilling my cup
though. It’s great to be in a commercial shoot,
you are constantly fed with food.

Caffeine level was pretty high.
Needed to smoke. Asked for one,
luckily she didn’t heard. Another
friend stressed on it, then she
only gave. By then I thought it
was a sign for me not to smoke.
So I refused.

Was drinking a couple days back,
and didn’t smoke. So 4th day now.
Hoping I’ll survive atleast a week.

Shoot was fun. Always a pleasure
to be in a 35mm shoot.

Had dinner alone again.

Almost tried all the dishes at the
food court down my apartment.

Got to tell myself tomorrow I have
to be more helpful in the shoot.

Got to!


p/s: have to keep reminding myself not
to get too emo the next time I drink,
and thee shall not tweet or blog
when thee is drunk.

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