Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 9: Post Production

Spent an entire day at a post production house
today. Watched my director edit a commercial
he directed of Jackie Chan. Yep, Jackie Chan!

Had some time to talked to the local guys
who worked there. Editors in general are
the same with editors around the world.
They love video games and collect figurines.

I was amazed how cheap PS3 and figurines
were in Jakarta compared to KL.

Like all editors, they wait till end of the month
to get their pay, and they would enjoy their
earnings on toys and games.

Good life.

But I can’t do that.

Especially at my position now.

Being an apprentice of a director not necessary
you get paid. It’s like going for tuition,
you need to pay to learn.

And I’m willing to give in that.

I love Jakarta food so far.
Very tasty. Had an awesome rice
flooded with gravy and beef.

Then visited the shoot set.
So many technicians and builders
building up the scene.
Told the assistant director, this
must be a really big budget shoot.
He replied, our director only directs
big budget stuff.

Met a fellow Malaysian, who is a known
DP back in the indie film scene in Malaysia.
He shoots commercial for living in Jakarta
and shoots indie film in Malaysia for passion.
It was great meeting up with a fellow Malaysian.

Beano has sneaked into my room.

Gotto sleep now, another long day tomorrow.

Till then.


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