Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 7: Ojek

Rode on an 'ojek' today. Which is their
hired motorcycle. It was crazy riding
in the busy streets of Jakarta.
Road is so tight. So noisy, dusty, dirty.
The air is horrible. I definitely need
to have a mask soon. Makes me
feel so much gratitude now when
I had my car back in KL. Gonna sell
off my car soon. One of the last
anchor that signifies Jakarta is my
new home now.

Wonder how long it'll take me till the
day I have my own car and driver.

Tried not smoking today, but with the
horrible pollution and every corner
everyone smoking, is equally damaging
if I was smoking.

Got back from work, had some whiskey,
and hear more war stories of the industry
from friend's father. Learning so much from
his past.

I wonder why my younger days wasn't as
rich as his. That really makes me wonder
whether have I truly live it all.

Feels the road up ahead gonna be bumpy,
but assure that it is the right path to
greater good.


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