Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 6: War Stories

Had dinner with another film director today.
We had Korean barbecue.
Learning so much from the stories
they shared.

The director owns a beach house.
And he is building a plane so it saves
him time to travel to the beach house
from Jakarta.

Such life of the film directors in Jakarta.

Am remembering the crazy days I was
directing back in KL getting shitty pay
and tough clients.

The clients in Jakarta are tough too,
but atleast we are paid well enough
for it.

As the director was sharing his experiences,
a chick from across our table, suddenly moved
her thighs facing me, picked up her cold drink and put it
between her thighs and started caressing it back
and forward.

I was stunned and struggled not to look,
and tried my best to focus on what the director
was telling me.

It was crazy.

In my head, this kept ringing;

"Welcome to Jakarta! Welcome to Jakarta!"


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