Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 8: Presentation

Woke up at 7am. Took a cab to the director’s house.
The cab driver didn’t knew where was the place,
so we were lost for almost an hour.

Shall do better tomorrow! :)

Went to my first commercial presentation today.
Was interesting seeing the director and the
team presents to the agency and the client
in separate meetings.

Learning so much from the conversations
they have.

It’s all about the PR skill.

After the meeting, I walked directly home
because the apartment was pretty near.

As I walk the street with all the traffic
and smoke, I find myself having trouble
breathing. I need a mask or a handkerchief
where most people have, wrapped around
their faces like ninjas.

It’s no joke, I was really having trouble

Thought I took a detour to a small mall.
Inside there was a boutique having a launch.
I crashed it. There were models, reporters,
band, free liquor and finger food. I was just
in my tees and backpack.

Had the most spiciest fried rice ever!
Wanted to go to the gym afterwards,
but then I saw the cinema. It was
showing The Fighter.

After watching it, feeling so inspired,
I went for a swim.

So sleepy and exhausted now.
Tomorrow’s another early day.

Till then.


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