Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 12: Rain

Rained whole day.

Thought I was pretty helpful today.
Director gave me a chance to prepare
and direct some of the talents.

Love the drive.

Haven’t directed for so long.

Still got it in me!

Discovered a very nice local food
called Kuih Lumpur.
It’s the size of an egg tart,
soft like pancake,
tasted like custard, topped
with raisins.

It shall be my favorite desert
of Jakarta!

Shoot was delayed due to rain.

Getting along very well with
the production team.
Learning their culture.
Jakarta people are very friendly.

Most of the people I know are married.
And they’re like below 30.
I can understand why.

Keep reminding myself relationship
doesn’t mix well with work.

Gotto lay low and try to stay away.

Excited bout tomorrow’s shoot.
Hadn’t been this excited since
a long time.

Till then.


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