Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 4: Production House

Started working today.
Tagging along a well-known commercial director.
I'm blessed.
Everyone kept telling me how lucky I am.
Am very thankful.

Went to a local production house.
Realized how everything is the same, except
for the people working inside it, and the
interior of the place. Feels confident I can
tagged into the work flow here.
It's only matter of the language now
that I've to master.

Give me another year, and I'm sure I'll be directing.

Had my first KFC here for lunch.
Tasted really good, that came with sticky rice.

Was assigned to work on a new board.
It is true that there's alot of commercial jobs in Jakarta.
So many that it is more than enough for everyone.

Will be shooting one in a week's time,
and already we're pre-planning the second one.

Looked at the schedule. Jobs packed till April.
Crazy. Looks like I won't be going home for
awhile now.

Miss home.

The only thing that keeps me on track is
the film projector key chain I have. Clicked on it,
reel sounded and light beamed.

It felt wasn't that long ago I was there.
And now I'm here.

Bloody 2 months for a turn-around change.
Guess it's like all you need is just a jab,
and all will be fine and forgotten.

I want that jab.


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