Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 41: 7-E

12am. Just finished work. Am having
my late dinner in a 7-E. You can get
all sort of food at this hour here.

The tables outside are packed with
teenagers hanging, smoking and beers.

I choose to stay inside.
Am having a beef hotdog and a can of
Guinness. I like convenient store
hotdogs where you get to jam packed
it with vegetables and onions. Comes
with free chilli and cheese too.

I like this feeling; being alone and
observing in the public.

Open for any possibility.

I should be doing my comics chronicling
this journey. My experiences, my feelings.
Ought to be good material.

Guess many could relate.

Can't even think of what to write
at this hour, except I better get goin,
ESPECIALLY at this hour.

Night walk alone in Jakarta might not
be that safe. Anything possible could


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