Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 46: Jakarta, i miss you.

Am back.

It's been an awesome week spending back
home in kl.

Had time to chilled out with friends, drank mom's
awesome soup and watched tons of movies.

Was able to feed my craving for awesome
food where i couldn't find them here in jakarta.
awesome hokkien mee, bak kut teh and apam
balik with cheese, ham, egg and mayo.

yum yum.

been smoking and drinking alot lately.

hate the airport as usual.

psychology feels so tired leaving home
everytime. i know mom's gonna
be very worried for me. and my heart
feels heavy everytime i leave home.

got my business visa. no need to checkout
Jakarta for atleast another 2 months.

great to be back here.

found out on the last day i was in KL
that special friend was back too.
wonders why she didn't call.
afraid to see me or despise to see me?
would have to love to catch up and
share a cake. sigh, life is such.

well-anyway----coming back to Jakarta
i feel like i'm back in action again. tomorrow's
gonna be my first day as AD in jakarta.

had the time to stop by a bar just now that
was flooded with college foreigners.


life is good here.

very good. :)



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