Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 50: Busy-busy then freeee...

Had an early message from director today.
Had to add and change some frames for the
board. Forced my tired body to wake up
and rushed the pages.

Everything was in fast paced today.
Got the maid to make me some toast
and eggs. Bottoms up a hot cup of
coffee. YEOWCH!

Spent the afternoon rushing out
the scene breakdown. It's my first
AD job for Jakarta. Got to do my best.
Eventhough people tell me that the team
hardly refers to the breakdown, I still
wanted to do it. Strategizing a shoot
is very fun and challenging.

Rush hour, needed to head to the production
house. Took an ojek. Finally. Felt really
uncomfortable wearing a helmet where tons
of people have worn. Tell myself, this
is only temporary. Give me a little more
time, and I'll make it here. Then I'll
look back at this moment.

Finished everything at the production house.
Chilled. Saw a Javanese solitare on the table.
It reminded me of the recent new years eve,
in my room playing it, then over a cup of coffee
the next day. Wonders if she took it with her.

Took an ojek back to director's house to show
him the sample for art direction. Wonders
am I over proving myself. Or whether it's not
necessary at all. People advise that I don't
have to try so hard here in Jakarta. Or I only
have to give bout 60% of what I've given in KL
would be more than enough for them.

But i got no time.

I have to make it. Quick.


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