Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 52: Conversations

Woke up. Couldn't sleep last night.
Worried bout my health.
This morning, every thing seems fine.
I live another day.

Made a promise to God, at least
please let me make it, at least one ultimate
feature film to leave my legacy.

Received via email a zoo promotion in London.
What would you do if you've discovered you've only
got few more days to live? Mine would be
being there.

Helped the director to move his
office into the new house.
Then we checked the set for tomorrow's shoot.
Everything's in place.

Had dinner with the producer and he shared
alot of insights. He told me that I'm not
suitable to be a director. He strongly points
out that it's not cause I 'can't',
it's cause I'm not 'suitable'.

I told him he only finds it that way is
because he hasn't know me enough yet.

I'm like that with new people.
I'm a different person once they
get to know me. I tend to be shy and
a little shut it.

He said i'm lack of confidence.
i replied that he hasn't seen me
in presentations yet.

i've given talks, lectures, and presentation
to clients back in KL. i've even got clients
who was so impressed they got up from their
seats and clapped after my presentation.

i'm good in selling. people who have worked
with me and my friends knows that.

so i told that producer,
give me a lil' more time,
and i'll prove you wrong.

tomorrow's the shoot.
my first AD job here.
it's my chance to shine.

especially to him.


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