Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 44: Sleepy

Watched football yesterday.
Sleepy. Luckily today wasn't
a heavy day. Just fixed some
frames for the storyboard.

I enjoy walking.
Walked a little to the audio
post to meet up with the
immigration officer to settle
some papers.

Then walked back to director's

Stopped by pharmacy to buy
some stuff. This hand sanitizer
thingy is getting addictive.
Bought some vitamins and pills
for my stomach problem. Also
some facial wash. Guess I need
all this to survive Jakarta
for a long period of time.

My next aim is Europe really.

Just gotto kick start my directing
here quickly, and with a good reel,
I can start pitching for overseas

Hopeful? Well, couple months back
I was bitching in the blog 'bout
getting out of Kuala Lumpur and kept
praying to have opportunities to work
on bigger projects.

And now here I am.

I really believe everything happens
for a reason. But when I was in that
pile of shit 2 months back, I couldn't
see it. I kept asking; why me?

Every crisis seems to prepare me for something

If all those crisis didn't happened, I wouldn't
have taken the courage to pack up my bags and leave.

Honestly, I did left home with a broken heart.
Didn't felt like staying in my room anymore.
Too much memories. I've ran out of sides to
sleep in my bed.

With my new bed in Jakarta, I sleep soundly.

Dilemma, don't like the feeling of going home
this Friday, but yet I miss home.

Don't even like being in Bangsar anymore.

I've used up all my bullets at my last sling.

Yet I fuckin miss the experience of being there.


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