Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 55: Sleepy

Woke up early. Slept bout 3 hours
from yesterday shoot. I got back
round 7am. showered then knock
out completely.

had awesome pancake brunch with
friend's father. shall call him
uncle from now. cause he's so
good to me, introduce his friends
and contacts to me to help me
in my career.

i'll forever be in debt to him.

had telecine today.

room was super comfortable with music.
couldn't help falling asleep.
my producer fell asleep too.
so i guess it's ok.

after TC, i walked around the area.
found a rundown mall.
saw retail shops. the workers were
really bored and just standing around,
chatting among themselves.
i know how it feels, when i was
a teenager i used to work for my
mom or aunty in their boutiques.
just standing around, following
people around, serving them,
wasting time, for a small salary.

i'm thankful for my career now.

transsexuals knocked on the window
of the cab i was in, whoring themselves.
the cab driver told me the secret
was to ignore them.

came back, had some beers and watched
football with uncle. we talked about
dreams and life. we shared the same
favorite movie, Cinema Paradiso.
Yasmin Ahmad was the one who recommended

life change with every little offerings
you give to people.

giving back more than expect of return.

i think of her with this concept.


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